Weekly Updates – April 5, 2015

Hello everyone to my weekly email!!! this week, wow this week was full of so many miracles, recently that’s pretty much all we have been praying for too! so of course we would see a bunch of them. firstly on Wednesday we went over to an investigators house just hoping to be able to have me introduce myself to him, but he wasn’t there, i felt like the regular where we cant meet with anybody but after doing some finding we went to the mall to buy a drink and we just bumped into him, i was so surprised, we both were so happy, we were so happy that we were lead there! then after that i met some super nice less active members that are also converts of 2 years and 7 years respectively, together they make a really funny combo. on Thursday we went to Hanada kyodai`s house and while doing service for him a man walked up to us and helped us, we then talked to him and taught a lesson, set up an appointment and it was super strong! later that day we were walking around and found the house of one of our English class students whom we wanted to make into an investigator! on Friday we did lots of finding and made 3 appointments, then tried to find a less active members house but to no avail we could not find them, not according to Gods will. Saturday we had a sports activity, there we taught 2 lessons, and invited all of our investigators to church, none of them said they would come this time because they were busy but they said they would the next week, I`m gonna follow up on them so fast! also we worked out a ton, and had to walk all the home, down a mountain for an hour, killer (funny thing is that i forgot my my shoes in chitose so i had to play sports in my Sunday shoes haha) on Sunday a member of the seventy came and had a q&a with all of the members, that was really cool, we had a lot of really good stuff we learned! later that day we got to visit with one of our investigators, met with her, gave her a commitment, by the way shes a golden investigator, and after doing our commitment she will gain a testimony, i cant wait to ask her to be baptized!!! at the end of the day on Sunday we went to hanada kyodais place to give him the sacrament, he had already had it but while cleaning up the cup from the water he got cut and since he takes blood thinners it wouldn’t stop, luckily my dad was a nurse and i learned how to do simple first aid woo!, anyway i helped him out and it was such perfect timing, definitely guidance from the lord. My email may be short this week but other than this its all bland! we have general conference coming up and for most of you, you already had it, but i hope you all have a good time! see you soon!!

Elder Call
this week for food we made our own katsu curry, and the other thing is anime niku, just look it up, its just beef and chicken made really huge.

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