Weekly Update – February 8, 2015

The Land of small barrel.

Hello everyone!

So this week was really good! We had a lot of things happen. First I
want to tell you about Tuesday where I had kept on studying and
praying and searching for what my district needed to hear the most but
only got very minute things, it was not like last time. I was
wondering why and then during the training meeting we have a
discussion where people can ask me questions about rules and such so
that the leaders of the mission can be more focussed in the mission
leader council. This discussion was long! Everyone has some questions,
luckily I was able to answer them all but it really took a lot of
time! Right before the meeting I got an idea for a game where you have
to find candy (investigators) in the places where I hid them. The
sisters went out and found them SO FAST, it was astounding. That night
we had originally had an appointment with an investigator but he could
not make it so the member who was going to team up with us made us
some pizza! Then we watched a less active members magic show which was
really good! She had always wanted to do it since she was a kid but
she only started practicing about three years ago.

On Wednesday we visited an eikaiwa student and we talked about many
things with him, he even offered us some roasted green tea so we had
to teach him about the word of wisdom, it was good because he
understood us and why we do it. We committed him to read the Book of
Mormon which he had already owned for some reason even though he is
not an old investigator. He said that he was too old to change but I
told him he had time and that he is not going to die anytime soon.
That night we had another lesson with the bishop and another
investigator of ours. He really opens up to us and just speaks his
mind which is really good because then we can teach more to his needs.
He seems to have a lot more interest in the message now than he did
before. He also has started to understand our teachings and sees how
much we care for his progression. It was a really good lesson.

Thursday was not really that much stuff except for our weekly planning
session, some service at a youth center and then our English class.
This time some young moms with their cute kids came and the sisters
taught a kids class, it was super good! It brought so much life into
the classroom. It surprised me so much when they just kind of appeared
in the hallway. I think I am figuring out how to talk to girls more
regularly now seeing as there are six sisters in the district and I
have to call them basically everyday for something or other. It’s fun
though but sometimes seriously exhausting.

Friday was probably the most relaxed day of this week with no major
event other than me cutting my finger while cutting cabbage into super
thin slices and then bashing my head into the threshold of the door at
the youth center during service, it’s funny though because they wanted
us there from an early time but we finished an hour early despite my
injured hand, good thing I am ambidextrous! The most impressive thing
was how round I managed to get the takoyaki when I was making them
that night, they were big balls of yummy goodness!

Saturday was our strange day, pretty much nothing happened other than
for our blitzkreig assault on the city with our English class flyers
we had gone out to a place called otamoi which is pretty far and the
map said that there was around 62 danchis there which are gigantic
apartment buildings if you didn’t know but we go and other than four
of them they were all either boarded up and snowed in or replaced with
regular houses, so much for handing out thousands of flyers….but
it’s ok because that night we went to a family where it’s a single mom
and five kids plus one friend of the kids house for dinner and we had
cheese fondue which was super good, I think I’ve only had that one
other time in my life! The kids really enjoyed us being there and we
also did some snow shoveling for them, which was a blast!

Sunday had our wonderful blitzkreig assault on the city for flyers, we
handed out about two thousand of them, me and elder Thompson even did
splits with the members. Also a visitor came, a certain shaw couple
who are from the same stake as sister Barton the new missionary here,
I’m sure she was surprised, they were here on some kind of business
trip and dropped by. The rest of the day was kind of hectic with lots
of planning and making sure that we had good goals set because today a
lot of things came up and we pretty much had to replan the whole week.
It’s ok I can flow with the punches so I was up for it. Tomorrow I am
going to have a zone conference in Sapporo and afterwords we going to
the snow festival, it’s elder Thompsons first time, he is probably
nervous and super excited, I’ll send pictures of it next week!

I hope that everyone gets to see something cool this week!

See you next time (cool sound effect)

Elder Call



Oh I made a cake and they really liked it, it was a sisters birthday
so I was excited to make it. Also  the Otaru sisters found those ear
mitts and gave them to us.



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