Weekly Update -March 29, 2015

Welcome again everyone to my weekly email starting again from Kitami, Hokkaido! this week we did a lot of fun stuff since wednesday! I came here with very few investigators but they are all very strong! We have taguchi-san a 68year old grandma who said she wanted to be baptised herself but she is currently moving so she can have more time on her hads, she lives with just her husband but she does everything. so we cant meet her often, but i did go to intrudouc myself which was really fun! Then there is Fukuda-san who is a brand new investigator, she seems to have real interest so we plan on doing some pretty bold stuff with her. There is also okumura-san this is an old time investigator given to us from the sisters after they closed this area. we are working with her as well. Then my favorite, the Nohara family, with the mom, and 2 daughters Julia, and Emily (they are half japanese half german but they look just german) i love them so much, they have such pure interest in the gospel, they even took notes when i teach them. they want to learn english so i do all of my teaching in english and try to be really simple with them.  we have only been able to meet with them twice but everyone is busy right now it seems… oh well! i still love it here so much! i love the ward too, the members are super cool and they all love the missionaries! sorry not a ward but a branch, ive never attented one but maybe one other time. Anyway this weeks email may be short my love for all of you is long. we also have amazing members by the way! anyway ill send you some pictures and keep this short an sweet, love you all so much, thanks for all the emails with inspiring stuff that you put on it, they keep me going strong with all the other help i get.


the cute children of the ward (half of them are moving out though sadly)
then my companion elder Kojima with a member brother Kojima who is moving away

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