Weekly Update – April 12, 2015

Ok everyone so this week was full of really cool stuff and i would like to tell you all about it just i do not have that kind of time, instead ill tell you about the key points. first off we got our bikes back from headquarters this week, so we rode around all fast. the weather is getting warmer and everyone is enjoying the sunlight. we have visited many people and many people are progressing, we also watched general conference this weekend, which by the way was amazing. we had 2 investigators come to church, a pretty young student, and the other is a very old man but he is super energetic. out of no where we had our 2 newest investigators come to church and general conference at that! have i ever told you that i love it out here? its not a big city so i feel comfortable and the members are so nice, they all love americans too! oh by the way theres probably only 3 americans in the whole city and 2 of them are missionaries, so people get excited when they see us. Recently with all of us trying to improve ourselves, overcome weaknesses and become more like christ, we have been praying to see miracles, and guess what? we keep seeing miracles, one really cool thing was we saw a fox running in the snow, such a glorious contrast, that little fox was really fast too! by the end of this week i just want to let you all know that from the saturday general conference i got really marriage trunky, everyone talking about how to be a good husband have a good family as well as the importance of such groups and roles in this world. my favorite talk this session was the personal interview talk that elder Ballard gave, i love it when i get asked questions from authorities like that, and he gave me a bunch to think about! i testify to all of you that when you work hard, with other peoples salvation in mind you will achieve more than you ever could by yourself. that through the words of the prophets and other general authorities we can have our questions prayers and doubts answered. i know that heavenly father and jesus christ have got our backs, they want us to succeed and are reaching their amazing hands to us, we only need to take the hand and keep pushing toward that light in the distance! i love all of you but i also testify that God loves you, and so does his Son Jesus Christ, in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Call of Kitami.

beware of the massive sushi they sell here, by the way it tasted legendary!


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