Weekly Update – January 31, 2016

Week 5 in Otaru.

This week was really cool. It’s funny that I start my email with a
common and not really important phrase, let me try again.


Have fun with that. ^.^

So, let’s start off with what happened on Tuesday, we had instead of a
regular district training meeting, a worldwide training broadcast,
labeled preach repentance and baptize converts. Sounds really good to
my ears. I thought that I should split my notes in half and make one
section for information and the other section for the commitments that
the leaders of the church gave us, guess what they were almost even!
The leaders of the church have given us so much trust and expect us to
be trying our best and always trying to improve.

We tried to apply those teachings and tried to seek referrals from a
member and she gave us three of them! We contacted those people and
they seemed super nice, I was surprised to meet such nice people, I
hope to help them come closer to Christ if even just a little bit by
meeting with them in the future. We also went and did some proselyting
with a member from the ward on that day, let me tell you, traveling by
car instead of foot, bus, and train, is SUPER FAST! It’s maximum

Wednesday was the day that my companion and I labeled the day that I
got “you cannot でんどうitis” I basically layer down all day while elder
Thompson worked super hard on the phone trying to wrangle in some
investigators. I’m all better now so it’s no big deal but yes I had a
lame day on Wednesday until the evening where we met up with an NA and
the sisters and went out to eat together at a sushi restaurant. It was
really good but the crazy part was the shear amount of plates that we
ate. I’ll send a picture. By the way it was sister Barton’s first time
eating sushi and she had a hard time or so she says but with our
constant scripture quoting (particularly Alma 32) but I cannot write
an hundredth part of the things that were spoken at that time.

Thursday was our wonderful day of weekly planning and English class.
It’s funny because I feel like I had just done our weekly planning
yesterday and then all of a sudden I am doing it again, it’s not a
good feeling when time escapes you. During English class we had our
school themed lesson which was super cool! We did classes and even had
our students find out the volume of a triangular prism! They did it
but had no idea what it was in English. They all really liked the
game, which was 20 questions, it was funny to see them try to guess
what it was by question five when all they knew was that it was food.
I kept on telling them to make it smaller so they can guess better but
they were stubborn, it’s ok because they got it the second time.

Let’s see Friday, what happened on Friday? Oh yeah! We went to a non
active members house and she made us this spray for our shoes to smell
good and it also disinfects so that we aren’t smelly missionaries.
Then we went to a youth center where we panned service activities with
the girl who was in charge, it was really exciting to talk about all
the things that we can do. I’m considering making enchiladas for them
so it’s super exciting for me. After that we headed over to a members
house where we did duty to God activities with a youth of the ward,
then they fed us and elder Thompson did a practice lesson which was
really good! Somehow he managed to teach the plan of salvation in
under ten minutes, it was astounding.

Saturday was kind of a weird day, it had all of the crazy things
jammed packed into it. So firstly, would be the call we got from the
zone leaders. They said that since the name badges we received at the
beginning of our missions are actually not ok to be worn since they
are not the church’s company but they are using its logo, it’s not
allowed. They said for missionaries that don’t have their MTC badges
can work without having their badges up. That’s so wild right?! So
today we did not have our badges on! We also went bowling with our
English class students and also our scores were terrible, I am super
bad at bowling, it’s really embarrassing. Anyway that’s basically it
for Saturday.

On Sunday we had lots of visitors come to the ward from all over and
we all got to hear the 2016 area plan made by the area presidency,
which is elder whiting elder yamashita and also elder Wong I believe.
It’s super cool and we got really nice calendars for this year, I’m
gonna take it home with me! We had an after baptismal lesson with our
recent convert and also a really good lesson with our investigator
named takeuchi. He really talked from his heart and told us exactly
how he feels and was honest with us! Because of that we were able to
have a really good lesson and teach him about the importance of Jesus
Christ and also of making correct choices in our lives. Anyways that’s
it for now I hope you all have an awesome week

Ps: if any of you have had an experience where work was not allowing
you to go to church and you overcame that, please tell me about it!
Also does anybody have a recipe for herb chicken? Perhaps one that
uses a ton of herbs! The more the better right? Thanks so much!

-Elder Call





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