Weekly Update -January 10, 2016

New Transfers.

Dear fellow loved ones,

This week was kind of hectic seeing as I got my transfer call on
Tuesday and I really wanted to mail my luggage on Wednesday though I
spent about two hours packing and got to sleep pretty late. Yes that
means I transferred the place that I transferred to is insert drumroll
here, Otaru! Yes it’s the place that I have never been to but once on
a fishing trip with my investigator when I was living in White rock. A
few of my past companions have served here and also a lot of
missionaries that I know have served here so it’s very interesting to
finally meet all the members that they always talked about. They would
always say that there are a lot of angels that live in Otaru. By the
way this place is right next to the ocean so I get to see the ocean
every day it’s super beautiful and not really it’s just really dark
green water. But for some reason I still like looking at it something
along the lines of living in a desert for 18 years straight I don’t
know. It just kind of rings a bell in my head wait a minute there’s
not supposed to be that much water in one place but I also love this
place because it’s almost always snowing it’s never piling up a lot
but there is always snow falling in the sky except for right now
because there’s not a single cloud.

So my new companion is an elder Thompson he is the second other
Thompson to come to this mission so it might be difficult for certain
people receiving this email but he is transferred three and I am his
breaker and I am also a first time district leader which means that I
am over the District here which is six sisters and two elders that’s
right six sisters and two elders it’s a little bit difficult. Since
there are only two elders in the district that also means that I am
going to be having a little bit of well how can I explain it, just
think of it on the two boys and six girls and I’m the type of person
that kind of becomes like the people that I’m around very easily so I
could end up becoming a sister missionary by accident do you know how
bad that is?! I’m going to work very hard to try and make certain that
I am a manly man by the end of this transfer. One of the sisters has
already told me that it’s OK if I become a sister missionary but I am
going to keep trying hard to be an elder. So right when I get into
this area all of the members are already serving us and on the very
first Sunday that I served the coolest thing happened no I’m not going
to tell you about it but I will send you a picture that will kind of
explain my feelings. We had a kind of many ward council meeting where
we all grouped up and also the presidency of all the Korems were there
and we watched the district videos just about a five minute video and
then we discussed it and decided what the members are going to do with
the missionaries and it was really cool because the myth the members
did almost all of it and we didn’t have to worry about anything. Even
one of the return missionaries who is a ward missionary here told
everybody about something that happened while she was on her mission
they would handle a list to everybody and they would write down on the
list what times they were available and what they were available for
and they would do that every week and she said if we did that here
than the missionaries would be able to work in coordination with us
very easily and that went through my head and I thought wow if we had
that we could have team ups at any time with anyone and it would be so
easy to make new events because if people have coinciding free time
then we can make something happen within that time like table tennis
or basketball or just sitting around eating spaghetti. Anyways I love
this place.

Is the first time that I’ve had to do translation in the middle of
church but it was super cool and I felt like it was an excellent
opportunity to test my language even know one of the members how to
talk and she talks only about her job that involves flowers and travel
and very specific vocabulary which I got very lost on and then another
person decided to 80% scripture so here I am trying to quote scripture
and English and it was difficult, but hey it was OK. By the way
there’s this really cool thing it’s called members that by your stuff
all they have is little Post-it’s and you put it on the board and they
buy it for you apparently so pretty much we don’t have to do shopping
instead we just write down the things that we need for that we can put
it on the posterboard and they’ll deliver it to us like fairies.

-Elder Call

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