Weekly Update – January 24, 2016

Welcome to the land of everyday snow.

So I hear that everyone is having a wonderful time with all the weird
weather that’s been hitting other places. Here’s it’s been snowing
everyday except for one day where we just had really heavy wind. By
the way it’s really bright when the sun is out here because the snow
acts as a second sun.

When it snows it’s sometimes more like little balls of hardened snow,
not hail but snow balls. This week did lots of members work and we did
a ton of things for the bishop and we saw lots of miracles but only
found one new investigator. I really want to find more people but it’s
difficult out here it seems, I just need to be more obedient and work
super hard and I’ll see those miracles.

I don’t know what to tell you all, lots of things happened but I don’t
know what to tell all of you!

-Elder Call


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