Contact Info

It has been requested that all letters and packages sent to Call Choro be directed to the Mission Home (see below). His contact info is as follows:


Mission Home Address:

Japan Sapporo Mission

c/o Elder Sean David Call

24-1-25 Kita-2JO-Nishi


Sapporo-Shi, Hokkaido

064-0822 Japan

OR use! It’s like using email, but he gets a printed letter delivered to him.

PLEASE NOTE: Dear Elder requires for you to create an account with them in order to send mail to Japan – part of the account creating process is purchasing a deposit to pull from as you write letters (minimum $10). Be sure to read through the Terms and Conditions which will explain any charges that may incur on your deposit amount. During Step 2 of the creating account process, select the Non-Pouch Mission “Japan Sapporo”. Sending a letter to Japan via Dear Elder will cost approximately $1.15 per letter (which is the same cost as using an international stamp to send him a letter from home, but it saves you the cost of paper and envelope).

You will need the following information to write him using Dear Elder:

From the Home Page, log-in (on the left side of the page) and go to the “Select Mission” drop-down menu, select “Japan Sapporo”

**You may want to add Elder Call to your quicklist (I can’t seem to figure out how I found that link…sorry, I will put the info here as soon as I figure that out!) You’ll need his birth date, which is August 11th, and fill in the Mission Home Address same as above.

You will be asked if you “want this letter sent to the mission office?”, select OK.

Fill in the Mission Home Address same as above (the cookies on your computer may have saved the MTC address, like it did with mine. Change the address using the link that allows for you to manually put it in.)

Select the appropriate box if you want an email confirmation to yourself and/or to have the letter emailed to Elder Call in addition to the hard copy being sent (not required).

Type it up and send it off!

Happy writing!


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