Weekly Update – January 18, 2016

Spicy chicken.

This week was super cool and lots of things happened. The atonement is
changing me and I am being cleansed by the spirit more and more. We
had a zone training meeting and also interviews with president
nakatsuka and don’t forget a super cool beginning of the year party
where I made kochi for the second time in my life and also played that
game called hyakuninsho and I did better than some Japanese people!
The gift of tongues is like cheat codes for real life, the people
there were all saying that if I’m not careful I’ll turn into a
Japanese person but I’m not all about that stuff. The apartment is
getting cleaner and cleaner as I continue to spend more time cleaning
things even though I don’t have a ton of extra time for things.

I tried to visit the ward mission leader again but he wasn’t home,
this time I made a rice ball with a piece of fried chicken that I made
in there, the best part was that I put habanero powder in the mix of
the batter so it probably made him spit fire but who knows maybe he
liked it.

During zone training meeting we had lots of cool activities that
happened and I was able to get a picture of my district because we ate
lunch together afterwords! The coolest part was that my whole district
participated somehow in the zone conference. I got so much revelation
regarding them and how I can help them and also how we can really
accomplish the super big goals that have been set for us and by us.
There was when I had an opportunity to bear my testimony and I was
able to teach everyone my feelings about this amazing work we are
taking a part in.

This week I have eaten more junk food than I have probably in my whole
life and I have cooked a total of three meals this week, one of them
was the chicken I mentioned earlier, another was instant ramen, and
the last was a meal I made for the sisters and us on Thursday since
they had interviews with president nakatsuka right before English

Oh yeah did I forget to tell you about the earthquake? It was a 6.5 at
the origin and a 3.5 where I live. Biggest of my life. It was super
fun and needless to say the sisters in the district were awfully
shaken up. Hope you all had a great week too!

-Elder Call





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