Weekly Update – September 6, 2015

Transfer week

I did not transfer. I am still with my companion elder rostedt and we
are both still in shiroishi. So I would suppose the first thing I
should say is that this week as well was a week full of miracles. From
becoming more obedient and giving up a bunch of small things that poke
at my soul, and we have seen MIRACLES. So much guidance has been given
to us from the lord that we have become so aware of. Yesterday was
fast Sunday and we officially started our 40 day fast. That night for
our companionship study, something overtook me and we just sat and
talked and cried, we are filled with so much hope, but let me tell
you, I was so tired after crying, I had been fasting and we also
workout everyday like Olympians. No wonder today I could only do 90
push ups in one minute. I want to share with you a message about
fruits of our labor. So one of my past companions, elder Kojima,
served here as well. When he was here teaching a certain kawaguchi
shimai, he gave her his blue binder ( a blue binder is what we used as
visual resources when we are teaching lessons, it has many visual aids
and simply explained principles and doctrine that became extremely
useful before we obtained our iPads ) and told her, everything that I
know to be true, everything that you need in order to receive baptism,
is in this book. If you take this and study this, you will find out
the truth and know for yourself that it is all true. I got to see
something amazing on Sunday. I saw this new convert and her daughter
sitting up on the stand waiting for their turn to bare testimony, and
this little girl the daughter, was reading that blue binder. Little
does she know that she is preparing to be a missionary, she is
learning the doctrines and principles that we teach everyday during
our proselyting time. I testify that there is fruits of everything. It
really is through small and simple means that our Heavenly Father
brings to pass many mighty miracles among the children of men. I love
this mission. I love my companion. I love all of you, and I want all
of you to be happy and closer to God. He watches over us, and he is
rejoicing with us when we make good decisions. I want to continue
writing but I have neither the space nor the time to write even a
hundredth part of my experiences from this week.

-Elder Call



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