Weekly Update – September 27, 2015

News from Whitestone

So this week was pretty cluttered but I will tell you about yesterday
because I felt like it was the most important day out of this week and
I only have two minutes to tell you all of this so. We had a regular
morning or so we thought until we came to church and the stake
president who is a member from my first area showed up and I got to
talk to him and then I got really homesick for my first area I wanted
to go back and meet his family again so I made sure to tell him to
tell his family that I said hi. Even participated in our weekly
shouldn’t coordination meeting and she shared scriptures with us and I
was able to find one that had relation to my patriarchal blessing so
it was so cool! Back into the regular meetings during the sacrament
meeting my companion had a talk and he talked about the temple and it
was really cool because he said in his year and a half of being on a
mission the hardest thing was not being able to go to the temple
because right now it’s being built and is not open yet. Then the next
two members that got up also talked about the temple so it was totally
revelation. We also did a song for the congregation and everybody
loved it they said that we had really good singing voices and asked us
if we had participated in any singing things before our mission and
then I remembered how did I get good at singing did I join a choir I
remember being in the stake conference choir one year but I don’t
remember actively singing at school or in any club maybe someone can
enlighten me about that. I’m officially over time so see you next

Love you all!

-Elder Call


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