Weekly Update -September 20, 2015

from the land of the dance and  rain

so this week was lots of fun, I spend most of my time writing this talk for the mission so I’ll share it with all of you.

Shepard talk
     As missionaries and as representatives of Jesus Christ we are all well aware of the fact that we must always grow and improve, but are you learning from the best example that has been set for us everyday? In Matthew 11:29 Jesus tells us to “take upon us his yoke and learn of him”, but are we doing so?
     When I was having one of the toughest times in my mission I thought that I could not continue on my mission in this condition. I came to a decision that if I wanted to improve my life and become more like Jesus Christ then I needed to learn about what he did on a daily basis, what kind of person he was, and I needed to follow that example He had set. This started my journey that became one of my most important study methods. As I learned of Him and tried to do what He did I noticed a change, I started to be happier, more focussed, and more in tune with the spirit. Even now I feel like I can change by following his awesome example.
     Whenever we read from the Book of Mormon we can find out more about the Savior because It is all a testimony of Him. In this mission we have all been learning to be a modern day Ammon but who do you think Ammon was trying to be like? It was our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is the reason for everything that we do, from studying in the morning, to proselyting all day, to becoming a missionary. If you have different reasons for doing these things then I recommend you reassess your priorities. Everything we do is for him.
     I would like to bear my testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ. When he lived healed people, both physically and spiritually. What a glorious thing! His last act, the Atonement, was the single most important event in the history of the world. Through the Grace of that sacrifice we can all become more like our big brother Jesus Christ. His hand is always extended towards us, all we have to do is to grab it. Let us all take upon us His light yoke and learn of Him. He will not utterly cast us off, in the name of Jesus Christ I testify to you this is true, amen.
it’s also in Japanese for thowe of you who can read it, love you see you next week.
-Elder Call

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