Weekly Update – September 13, 2015

News from Shiroishi

So I guess I should start with what happened on Monday. We had a
regular P day and I was able to write a letter to my families but when
we were about to start proselyting we get a call from our investigator
uraie San. It was actually his wife and she told us to comfort him
because he was having trouble with smoking tobacco he had quit on that
Sunday but he was having so much trouble and so many trials that he
felt like he could not pray so his wife asked us to pray for him and
we kneel down and prayed and the only thing that I could think about
was that we needed to be there for him. So we rode like maniacs over
to his house but he wasn’t home and we thought maybe he’s working so
we check the store but I have committed myself to not go into
convenience stores so we did not go in instead we waiting in front of
his apartment and after about five minutes they came into the parking
lot. There we talk to him and he seems to be doing better than we
thought but we told him that we can get him a priesthood blessing so
we set up an appointment with him and his friend at the church on
Wednesday which I will talk about later I think it was amazing how God
had let us to be in the exact spot that we needed to be at the right
time. We were there at the perfect time he would’ve missed us if we
had left if we had gone around the corner or checked for a different
store or did anything we wouldn’t have been there for him so we were
led by God indeed. Tuesday was a wonderful day we woke up in the
morning and had our personal study and we headed over to the district
training meeting where we got to meet our district members for the
first time and it was really cool our district is awesome this might
have also been the most spiritual district training meeting that I
have attended yet and Elder rostedt told me that it was expected of
our district leader elder Suzuki. We wanted to be obedient so we
didn’t spend more than an hour for lunch and we headed back to our
area when we bumped into a man that other rusted had communicated with
when he was a missionary earlier in odori. That night we also had our
English conversation class where we had a new student come he’s not
really a new student and he’s not really a student he’s actually a
member who we had visited on Sunday with other members but he came and
he’s pretty good at English and it was fun to have him in our class
that day I feel like he might be able to come back to church since he
doesn’t work on Sundays anymore.

By the way I am writing this letter using dictation from the iPad and
I hope there’s no spelling mistakes or anything because I’m not going
to be checking sorry for having the run on sentences that go for lines
and lines with having no periods. So on Wednesday we had a team up
lesson with our investigator and his member friend where we gave him a
priesthood blessing and it was an amazing opportunity as the first
time that I have participated in a priesthood blessing for an
investigator during my mission. After the blessing we asked him what
is the percentage that he can make it through the week and not smoke
or drink or drink coffee and he said about 80% then I asked him what
it was before then and he said 50% which means that he has faith and
he believes that the blessing did help him and I’m here to tell you
now that it did because he has made it through the entire week without
smoking or drinking. That night we also had our guitar class which
reset up for and waited but nobody ended up coming but it’s OK because
it was still a good time that we can have with each other and we were
able to watch these new videos that came out on LDS.org about the
addiction recovery program. These videos were the heaviest videos I
have seen in a couple of years so we could only watch about three or
four before we had the spirit overcome for us and we were a little bit

Thursday was a really fun day for proselyting time we had the
opportunity to go with our investigator to visit his mother in law at
the hospital and she gave us so much candy and fruit and we were very
happy and fat then they drop this off at the church for the East Ward
English conversation class and we taught that class it was super fun
because we get to converse with four other missionaries and we get to
talk to different students and it service so it’s the best.

Friday was hands-down the coolest day this week because we got to go
on companion exchanges with both of the Moiwa beans. That is to say
Elder Larson and Elder isobe. They are transfers one and two Rivers
respectively and it is so much fun to do proselyting with others that
had no experience and their Japanese was so humble we had an awesome
experience so I did my companion exchange with Elder Larson and we
visited members, we gave vegetables to the sisters. Coolest part was
that we were able to visit with Komatsu Kyoudai. Who was performing
the national census which goes on for three days here in Japan and
they do it every four years and he was one of the volunteers but
according to our luck and being guided we were able to catch him just
as he was eating lunch and just before he headed out to work on the
census again. We were able to have a good conversation with him and I
was able to find out some of Elder Larson strengths and she was able
to learn a bunch of new Japanese words that I hope will be able to
help him throughout his mission. Time is running short and I don’t
want to keep talking into this machine so I will just tell all of you
that I love you and that I hope y’all have a good week just like I did
I want you to know that I have in the father does give us peace when
we ask for it and I had the most amazing experience when I was praying
during language study where I was telling heavenly father my feelings
and all of a sudden I felt extremely light I feel like all of the
weight of my chest was taken away and I felt the strangest peace. It
wasn’t warm peace, it wasn’t calm peace, but light peace, that made me
feel like I could jump right through the roof. God is real and he
loves all of us, especially his missionaries, I plan on seeing our
investigator get baptized this week so please wish us luck, much love!

-Elder Call



Family home evening at atsubetsu that we went to with our baptismal
date invitee. Super fun!


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