Weekly Update – October 4, 2015

News from White rock in Japan.

This week was full of all kinds of adventures but I don’t remember
hardly any of them so I’m going to tell you about one of them. So we
did many activities this week but the funniest one was when we did
table tennis on Saturday so here’s the story. We started late because
one of our investigators could not make it at 1:30 started at 2:30. We
only had two members come help me my investigator and his wife who is
a member. And we started playing regular table tennis every month and
something crazy happened. We flipped are paddles upside down and
started using the handle to hit the ball instead of the paddle side.
We also started using other items like Margie is born hours or someone
else’s even use the book of Mormon we used money used little coins.
Was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time and it was very hard
to keep myself together while I was playing my name. Funniest part is
that it’s actually easier to play ping-pong with regular model after
you have learned to be able to hit the ball with a ball point pen. At
first we were able to keep communication with our investigator this
week but he found out about that and called us immediately and said
what is all of this about not being able to reach me and reset will be
called you four times and he said really and we said yes and then he
said 00 I didn’t know about that and we also went with them that same
day of the ping-pong to the bishops house and we had dinner with the
bishop and his wife and our investigator and his wife and we did a
lesson on the restoration and The bishop did a message on baptism and
then we played a fun game where you take turns describing an item and
then using the description to make a new item and you go
back-and-forth. Our investigator told us that the only thing that he
wants to do right now is recieve baptism and also to quit smoking. He
is working so hard I cant let up either. Was a really good week and
I’m glad I was able to spend it I hope you all had a good week as well
OK see you next week.

-Elder Call


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