Weekly Update – October 25, 2015

So the first thing on my mind right now is to tell you all that’s my
companions father has bought alpacas and one of them has given birth
there is a new life born this day. Anyway this is news from White
rock. I hope all of you are super excited for call radio brought to
you by Elder call. This week was super legit and I don’t really
remember a whole lot of it other then I got injured almost every
single day multiple times. Pretty sure my companion is first or
perhaps I am cursed to be with him because ever since I’ve been with
them I have been getting injured their little injuries but they still
hurt so I don’t like it. This week there is a bunch of things that I
learned and a lot of things that were reconfirmed to me by experiences
that I’ve had. Firstly would be that God will always provide. Near the
end of the week we did not have the ingredients that we needed to make
the food that we had plans to make something happened and we didn’t
have enough and we decided that we were not going to go shopping even
though we had time we just would not because we believed that God
would provide for us. When we went to church on Saturday we noticed
that in the basket where the members give us free food was a loaf of
bread and with that we had exactly what we needed to make what we
wanted. It was really weird that the bread was there on a Saturday
versus Sunday. Another experienced thing would be that as a missionary
sometimes the members of the ward want you to do things and as a
missionary sometimes your leaders want you to do things and as a
missionary sometimes you have things that you need to do. This week a
lot of things piled up it wasn’t particularly our fault but due to a
number of situations combined we ended up getting about eight new
tasks to do. After feeling particularly stressed I said a prayer
asking heavenly father to help us be able to do what is required of us
to give us the capabilities. On that same day we were able to plan
about half of the things we needed to and we were also called by a few
members giving us ideas that will make it extremely easy for us to do
the things that are required of us. I’m so happy that the members will
not only give us things to do but they will help us do the things that
we need to do. Into days we have our Halloween party and I have not
decided on what I should dress up as so if anybody has an idea and
it’s really easy to do go ahead and shoot me an email saying hey you
should do this. And I will do my best to try and dress up like that
and send you all pictures OK? I don’t want to make my email superlong
so I’m going to leave it at this and just let you all know that we are
working hard ware safe and it snowed yesterday. Last year the first
snowfall was in November in the later part of it this year it’s in
late October which means that our winter this year as one month longer
I’m super excited. I hope all of you and all of your separate places
have a good winter hopefully you will I’ll be able to see some
wonderful snow because I will see you lovely white powder spread
everywhere. Love you all, have a good week, bye!

-Elder Call


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