Weekly Update – October 18, 2015

My automatic grouping system does not work

So as I was looking through my previous emails I noticed a pattern. It
was small but I noticed that I get a lot of emails from my family but
other than that not really. As I was trying to write this email I
wanted to put in one name and have it bring up all of the people that
I’ve emailed but it didn’t do that so now I have to reply to the same
email again. Anyway this week was really good we had transfers yes
that’s right transfers. I got my call on Tuesday which means that I am
not a trainer but instead I just got a new companion. I am staying
where I am but my new companion is Elder Larson who was already in my
district. You remember that person who tried to break my finger right
it’s him.

So far I’ve only been injured three more times he is a deathtrap. But
it’s pretty fun and I am able to do my morning exercise surprisingly
faster without having to match speed with somebody else. Is this one
exercise I do it’s called donkey calf raises. Basically my companion
gets onto my back and I do raises with my calves. It’s really
difficult. And now that my companion weighs 10 kg more than my
previous companion it’s like I just increased my work out like crazy
and my calves really hurt. He doesn’t cook a whole lot so I’ve been
able to cook a lot more and I’m able to do a lot of experimenting also
because his taste buds aren’t exactly the best so he won’t complain no
matter what I make.  Although the other day I tried to make rice
porridge and instead of adding sugar I added salt and then we thought
this needs more sugar so we put more sultan not realizing the whole
time that it’s actually salt. By the time we noticed it was much too
late and it was jampacked with salt. So we had to throw it away.

So I get her almost every day because I have Elder Larson as a
companion and yesterday’s injury was while I was cooking I leaned
forward and I bashed my head against the stovetop fan and it didn’t
hurt that much because I do a lot but I still got pretty hurt I guess.
This week with our investigator who is currently getting ready for
baptism, Uraie San we had a family home evening with three members and
his wife as well as him and we had a super fun time. We talked about
faith and she started to recognize the things that he is showing faith
in doing. Then we played this game called werewolf in English it’s
basically mafia. But there is a lot more roles that you can play.
Sunday was a really good day as well we got to go to church and
everybody met Elder Larson for the first time and they seem to like
him.  By the way Elder Larson has only been in Japan for about four
months so despite him thinking that he’s got a Japanese all of the
members think he is really good. She’s trying to get an award right
now from the mission called the Alma o Taylor. And one thing he has to
do is he has to set up appointments with members where they role-play
teaching a lesson. He’s already set up two of them so we only has two
more and then she’s pretty much done with the whole thing. We are
working pretty hard and we are able to do things pretty quickly and we
have become more effective within a short amount of time.

Getting better and Japanese does not mean that you get better in
English in fact it means you get worse at English so if you notice any
mistakes in my English here it’s probably because I actually did not
notice them. That words because I’m using the dictation program on my
iPad so that I don’t have to type instead I can just speak and
everything gets laid out for me. This Saturday it looks like we’re
going to have a baptism is well I am really looking forward to it and
I hope that our investigator is able to prepare himself so that we can
see him enter into the waters of baptism and then in one years time he
will go to the temple and be sealed to his wife for time and all
eternity. It’s going to be life-changing. Anyway that’s pretty much
all that happen this week I will miss all of you bye!

-Elder Call



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