Weekly Update – October 11, 2015

Welcome again to the adventures of Elder Call in Sapporo so this week
was super sick right now I’m using dictation again so you’ll be able
to hear my unfiltered thought. Do you just some minor complications I
have needed to type an actual words occasionally because this
dictation system is really bad. But this week we had a lot of fun
times so on Tuesday we had companionship exchanges with the district
leader and his companion and I stayed in my area and I did and
exchanges with the district leader but the funny part is that on that
day we had our zone training meeting so for half the day we weren’t
actually doing anything as a companionship instead we performed this
really cool song called the triple testimony and I played the part of
Ammon and it I would love to show all of you that video but it’s kind
of long and I don’t have the ability to send it to you so you will
have to wait until I get home. Then after that meeting a nonmember who
moved from a nearby city to get here because she wanted to be close to
the temple wanted to hear the song so she came all the way to our
church building just to hear her sing it so we sung it again. That
night I also taught an English class by myself for the first time in
about one transfer because I do that a lot it’s kind of my cars I
guess that I end up doing my English classes by myself but it was fun
because the district leader even know she is a Japanese person he’s
really good at English so he was able to help me out and we could
split the groups up for conversation. On this Wednesday we had
interviews with President Nakatsuka and I was so nervous because I
thought he was going to say are you ready to be a trainer because I am
not ready to be a trainer instead he said at the end of the interview
by the way I wish we had more time to talk which means he wanted to
ask me isn’t that bad?! On Thursday this crazy typhoon moved in and we
weren’t really able to leave the apartment even though we had a
wonderful plan for that day which included an English class as well as
going out and doing proselyting with a member but because of the
weather we stayed inside and we did planning instead lots of planning
and lots of cleaning. I don’t think I’ve ever seen wind that strong
but the funniest part about that day was that the wind was so strong
it pushed over one of the signs for the stores that’s right next to us
so we threw this really loud bang and we say what was that and then we
don’t do anything instead later on in the day we like and outside the
sign for the co-op is busted and against the apartment building next
to it and there is a bunch of firefighters on that thing welding
braces onto it so they can hold for an extra day. Then the best part
of the recap in on Saturday and Sunday where we were able to watch the
general conference of the church it was amazing we got so many
commitments given to us by our leaders and I’m so excited to be able
to do all those commitments I’ve made a list on my notes. It’s amazing
how much revelation we can get by waiting for the spirit to tell us
what we need to hear versus what our leader is actually saying I know
it sounds weird but later on I’m going to have to review some of the
talks because I did not get anything from what they actually said
instead I just got a lot of personal revelation. One thing that I felt
but I should do the most was to tell my mom that I love her so here’s
another call out in the weekly email that goes out to everyone I love
you mom. Upcoming is transfers so I will tell you next week what
happens to me I’m not sure what is going to happen but there are 12
new missionaries that are coming to the mission. The chances of me or
Elder rusted to people who are pretty high in transfers right now will
most likely become trainers so I’m super excited and also for the
first time nervous for transfers. Let us all remember that through the
power of the atonement we can become the person that God knows we can
be and wants us to be. Also remember that even though I am in Japan I
tried to keep my thoughts close to all of you for the most part I hope
to be able to see more miracles this week and I hope all of you see a
lot of miracles this week as you work and do the things that you know
to be right.

-Elder Call



playing baseball for a missionary activity


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