Weekly Update – November 8, 2015

This week and white rock we did work. One interesting thing is that
due to the assistants to the president they gave us something called a
timesheet where we record all of the time spent on certain activities
and we found out that this last week we did almost 20 hours of finding
isn’t that crazy so anyways this week we had six lessons with one
investigator. Used to have a bath he does not currently have one
though he is preparing very diligently in order to receive baptism
with Elder Larson we had some adventures. Elder Larson says we found
Narnia. So I’m majority of the finding that we did this week was all
for non-attending members we went through the member list and roll all
their names down and put them up onto our wall map and we
systematically visited them I think in total we visited about 20 to 25
homes and were able to meet with three of them. This weekend we had
steak conference and the area 70 president Yamashita came and he gave
us very good talks and he’s a very funny guy so the missionaries were
laughing almost the whole time. I also got to meet with all of the
people from my first area which was awesome by the way. They all want
me to come back at the end of my mission before I go home back to my
first area. So I decided that if I can I really want to go back to my
first area. There is so many things that have changed in the past year
for that ward and I just want to see all of the good things that
happen and try and help people resolve all of the bad things that
happened. Still working through a bunch of responsibilities that the
word has given us but I think I am able to make some progress now for
some reason I have been able to plan things really quickly recently.
For example this next Sunday there is a fireside that is going to be
performed by us and I had not planned it until three days ago but I
spent 10 minutes on it during personal study and got most of it
planned out and I was surprised by how much I had written down on the
piece of paper with in 10 minutes. I think soon a bunch of things are
going to change within the ward like the members helping us out and
them trying their best to perform all the things that are there
duties. Today we have a dual zone activity at the Kotoni Church and we
are going to play sports I think then tomorrow we have a zone training
meeting where I’m going to be doing the translation. It’s been about
two transfers since I’ve done the translation last and I’m super
excited to do it this time so wish me luck anyway that’s all that
happened this week. Not much to report on just a lot of finding I hope
all of you have a really good time this week.

-Elder Call


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