Weekly Update – November 29, 2015

Como estan mis amigos

Hey everyone this is Elder call from White rock. That’s right I did
not transfer I got the transfer call saying that I have a new
companion but not a new area. My new companions name is Elder Manzano.
He’s Mexican but he was born in America he’s from New Jersey. And he’s
fluent in English and in Spanish. Still the new missionary is only a
transfer number three which means that I am his second companion. You
know it’s only been one week we’ve Already seen a lot of really cool

So you remember last week I told all of you that there is no snow
Sapporo right now? Well that night it started snowing like crazy like
really a lot. The last time that it snowed this much this early was
about 62 years ago. It’s noted total of 40 cm in one day which is not
a ton but it is enough to turn this place from fall to winter in one
day. Before Elder Larson transferred we visited our investigator at
his place of work a couple times and we were able to have a fun time
there. His mother-in-law remember give us a lot of food that could not
be sold any more from the store so she gave it to us for free. We were
able to set a baptismal date with our investigator for Christmas eve.
This year we’re going to have a white Christmas.

So on the first day I was with Elder Manzano we decided to just go
finding because that’s all we have to do we only have a few
investigators so we just went out and search for a bunch of
non-attending members and old investigators. The funny part is the
next day after finishing the list I looked back and saw the name of
somebody and thought we should find this guy so we went out and we did
find him. It’s strange how I didn’t see his house the other day but I
found it right away when I was looking for the second time. The man
said that he hated Mormonism but that if you wanted us to explain to
him the thing that he had a question about can even set up his next
appointment by himself. So we have a new investigator woot woot!

On Saturday we played ping-pong and we made gyoza with all of the
people who attended family home evening on Saturday. I think I ate
over 50 pieces of Gyoza. Needless to say I was completely full and
then they brought out dessert of course.  But the first thing you
learn as a missionary of this mission is that you need to eat and then
eat some more and then when you think you’re going to die you somehow
find more strength to eat more food. Now that it’s winter it’s a
little bit cold but throw my mission I’ve been able to pick up some
very useful items like a long sleeve thermal undershirt and a bunch of
sweaters also thermal pants that I can wear so now I can wear lots of
layers and still be thin but have lots of warmth.

On Sunday we had a meeting to plan out the Christmas party and I have
volunteered my body as sacrifice I don’t know how many of you have
heard about the story of the seminary teacher with the donuts where he
teaches about the atonement but I’m going to do that. I’m going to be
the one doing the push-ups and by the estimation is going to be about
40 people coming which means I’m going to do about 400 push-ups. I
don’t think it’s impossible, but it could be. I have to get serious
with my training though.

All of the members really love spending time with the two of us and we
love them as well so I’m really happy that I did not get transferred
now I get to be here for New Year’s and the Christmas party and I know
everybody so it’s really nice. Do you have a message elder Manzano?
likes that be happening and I like people please doing stuff in Okonis
pretty cool he couldn’t make Mexican food so I like cool the dictation
program could not understand him I guess. He kind of talks like a
black person even though he’s Mexican it’s kind of confusing. Another
crazy thing is that I think I have the gift of tongues on override
right now because every time he speaks a little bit of Spanish I start
to remember everything that I learned in high school. If were together
for too long I might become really good at Spanish as well I’m not
supposed to learn Spanish here.

Well I love all of you and I hope that you all have a good week go
ahead and tell me any cool stuff that happened to you this week
because I would love to hear about it also stay spicy.

– Elder Call



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