Weekly Update – November 22, 2015

My streak of the transfers in White rock

So this transfer in my room really fast I thought I was still around
record but when I looked at the calendar I realized that tomorrow I’m
going to be getting my transfer call. My companion things I’m going to
go trainer. This week was filled with a lot of stuff I would say.
Firstly I want to tell you about what we did on Monday. So being that
my companion got in and accident we decided not to participate in the
district activity which was a sports activity.  We still went out to
eat with them for lunch though so that was fun. But that morning I
woke up and I tried to stand up to turn off my alarm and fell over,
suddenly my head started spinning and I could not use my body I had
completely lost control of myself and then after about five seconds of
sitting there helpless I got up and turned off my alarm and started
praying still just as busy as I was before. Not exactly sure what that
was but after that I started having severe pain near where I think my
appendix is. But don’t worry I don’t have appendicitis I was just
overreacting and my stomach hurt for some reason. The two
investigators that we found last week we tried to visit again and one
of them was busy in the other one denied us so we do not have new
investigators sadly. I’m Tuesday there is no district training meeting
because we had a zone conference on Thursday. Not zone conference was
about faith in Jesus Christ the book of Mormon and working inspired.
Things are really cool and I was able to learn a lot of things that
I’ve been able to apply since that time.  Also I find it kind of
ironic how when a new theme is about to come out in the mission I
change what I’m studying in my personal study and almost all the time
I would say about 80% of the time it matches up I’m not sure why that
is but it’s very helpful. This week we did a lot of work but our
numbers did not show it because we did a lesson for a child who is
about to get baptized and then we also did a family home evening, by
the way an investigator was supposed to come but he got busy all of a
sudden so we ended up teaching to just the members who came and that
is not technically counted for numbers. We had a lot of fun though and
I decided to volunteer my body for the Christmas party if I’m here
next transfer. It’s an example or a parable about the atonement so you
bring in donuts and you give it to each person you asked them if they
want it if they want to eat you give it to them but someone in the
front needs to do a certain number of push-ups for each person to
receive one Donut. Basically the point of it being is that the person
can barely even do the push-ups by the end and people are volunteering
to do it themselves so that they can get the doughnut but only he can
do it and it’s an excellent way to show everyone how the atonement
works and it’s very easy to understand even for someone who’s not a
member. So I volunteered to be the one doing the push-ups I estimate
that I will do around 400 push-ups if I’m here next transfer.
Yesterday being Sunday I think I realized the purifying power of the
sacrament.  It’s kind of hard to explain but whenever I feel like I am
unworthy even after taking the sacrament I don’t particularly feel
different but this week I noticed that from the time before taking the
sacrament and after taking the sacrament I was then again able to feel
the spirit and I was able to receive revelation and I did feel better
about my situation so I concluded that through the sacrament you
really can be purified, and I thought that was amazing. So I’m not
sure what’s going to happen for this transfer and I’m not sure how
beneficial all the work that I did this transfer was but I know that
I’ve seen this ward change for the better and everybody seems to be a
little bit happier than they were before. This week was very fast very
very fast. So another we’re entering winter it’s starting to get cold
and it’s starting to get below freezing temperatures at night but
today is a sunny day there’s not a cloud in the sky, so no snow,
Sadly. I hope that all of you have a great week please tell me about
what you did this week so that I can see the great miracles that are
occurring in your lives and enjoy those as well. Remember that God is
always watching and that he wants you to do the right thing always. I
love all you guys please have a good week and if anybody has any fun
recipes that they think I could make please throw them my way and I
will make them and send you a picture of it when it’s completed. Stay

-Elder Call


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