Weekly Update – November 15, 2015

This week there was a lot of things that happened.

Let’s start off with Monday. Firstly we had a dual zone activity and I
was able to meet the people who are in my zone, everyone seems super
fun. That night we thought we would have no time for a good
proselyting session so we decided to go down the list of non attending
members and found a certain brother named yamazaki, he has not been to
church for about twenty five years, is t that crazy? During this time
for some reason I got really bold and he listened to what I had to
say, on the way home we had a call from uraie San and I talked to him
for almost an hour while it was raining in the background.

On Tuesday, we had our zone training meeting where I did the
translation, I loved doing that but it totally tests my limits. Doing
live translation is pretty difficult. But somehow through the gift of
tongues I was able to pull it off. I really like all the people in our
zone, I believe that we are going to see tons of miracles together.

Wednesday was really good because we were able to meet with another
non active member who had been getting into some other religions stuff
and listening to his friend who told him that the second coming was
going to happen for sure within the next twenty years but most likely
I. The next two years. Crazy stuff, but we were able to be his friends
for a bit. We also had the English class at toyohira and the game was
so much fun, it was super intense even though it is normally a pretty
lame game we had so much fun.

On Thursday we don’t really remember what happened but I know that we
found out that around five members had moved and nobody knew about it.
At the end of the day we met up and exchanged companions for splits. I
am with elder Suzuki in shiroishi.

Friday, a day full of really good experiences. We found new
investigators, talked with really interesting people, and also we
taught brother yamazaki again. Then lastly we attended a lesson with
uraie San, it was pretty good but the way the lesson was taught
confused him a bit I think. Anyway that’s not really relevant.

Saturday, probably the first time in my life that I have gotten
legitimately lost. We circled in smaller and smaller until I knew
where we were. It was crazy. Then we had family home evening with
uraie San and we talked about our heavenly family. It was really good
and easy to understand.

On Sunday elder or rather brother kojima my previous companion came to
visit the ward. It was super weird and it made the ward all happy but
I also performed a missionary work fireside after church as well as a
talk during church, needless to say I was nervous. God did not let me
down and everyone supported me so I was very happy with it all. We are
seeing the fruits of our work little by little but today I got the
feeling of the scripture in doctrine and covenants where it talks
about how it is not requisite for a man to run faster than he has
strength, seeing as today when I woke up I tried to stand up and just
fell back onto my bed then my head started spinning really bad, I was
pretty surprised. I might take it easy today instead of playing soccer
like I had originally planned, can’t go and kill myself doing he

Anyway this week was awesome for me, how was everyone else’s week? Did
anybody see any miracles?

-Elder Call


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