Weekly Update – November 1, 2015

Good morning afternoon/night to every single person in the world that
is getting this email. I hope you had a good week this last week
because I did too cough cough. Out of all the things that I can think
of telling you what happen this week I only thought of about four
things. Firstly was that after rubbing my sock on the ground for about
an hour straight I managed to get a hole in it. So I’m not sure how
many of you are aware but in my oldest pair of shoes I currently have
quite large holes in them and one day we decided to walk to an
investigator’s house and back in the process a whole opened in my
sock. When I got home and noticed I was wondering why my foot hurts so
much but when I saw the hole I knew exactly why. Number two would be
that during personal study this week I was able to teach a lesson not
a role-play lesson but a real lesson. Our investigator who is
currently preparing for baptism give us a call and was wondering how
we were doing and had some questions himself so I taught him a little
bit and I was able to do a lesson it was really cool. For Halloween
this week which by the way the two of us planned almost the entire
thing I dressed up like a biker and Elder Larson dressed up like a
lumberjack it was really fun. I’m just happy that I was able to get a
leather jacket from members back in my first area which I love by the
way. Number four would be that on Saturday for the ping-pong game that
we had we have kind of started this thing where we take out items that
are not actual ping-pong paddles and use them as a paddle. After
taking out many items I lastly took out a bathroom scale and used it
as a paddle. It was so unexpected that the people who we were playing
with actually fell onto the ground and laughter. Completely lost it.
They also lost the game. So I don’t have a whole lot of things to talk
about but I hope that all of you have a really good week and that you
can help a bunch of people. If anybody knows a really good Chorizo
recipe then maybe you can send it to me. As part of the place of white
rock where I live we can buy almost anything so I have decided to make
one Mexican dish a week. So far I’ve only made two but I want to make
more so if you have any that you want me to make I’ll make it and send
pictures to you. Also does anybody have a really good pasta recipe
because I have run out of ideas. Thanks for everything love you.

-Elder Call


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