Weekly Update – January 4, 2016

Long time since I wrote you guys!

Since we had New Year’s before we had P-day so I emailed you
about three days ago and there’s nothing really to update. Transfers
are coming up either today or tomorrow and I’m not sure what’s going
to happen because I’ve been in this area for four transfers. The most
fun thing we did was today we went to a place called Takino and we
went to do the tubesledding again.  It’s kind of too bad but this time
my camera was dead so I could not take any pictures but it was very
fun and even the bishop was there. I hope all of you had an
adventurous weekend after I finish this email time we’re going to go
to a members house for a meal which is now on the fifth day in a row
that we have had meals from a member constantly. The toughest part
about being here is having to eat so much food that they bring out and
then they say are you OK can you eat more and then we have to say yes.
Then they bring out the big guns and we have to eat those too. Elder
Manzano and I have been having a lot of adventures and I would like to
tell you all about them but it would take quite a while but I will
resolve with just telling you that we have decided to no longer talk
about any uninspired media. Since it’s New Year’s I’m sure all of you
have made a lot of New Year’s resolutions and I have made some as well
but I would like to hear what some of you decided to do this year in
order to make it a better year! I’m not nervous for transfers but I am
concerned. By the way the temporary adoption child for my investigator
is very cute and he seems to like us now so I’m happy.



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