Weekly Update – January 1, 2016


Dear everyone from nearby

This week was really fun. So today being Friday it’s been about ten
days since I emailed you all last so there’s lots of things that I can
tell you about but firsts things first happy New Years! Now let’s see
what did I do this week? We went out in a blizzard to go visit a
member because she wanted to give us some cake and fried chicken for
Christmas. I really love all the members here, it’s super fun, and
everyone does so much for us. We have been visiting some members
because we cannot do too much of regular proselyting these days but
the members love it when we come when it’s cold outside. We visited
this one member who said the elders had never visited her before
because she lives a little far from the apartment. I am really happy
that the members here want to help us now. Now we just need to help
them to know how to help us out, or rather teach them how to do
proselyting as a regular person. Coming up this next week is transfers
so basically it’s already here. I almost officially only have four
transfers left. But the coolest part is that I get to spend New Year’s
and the first week of January still in this area so I’m happy. Today
we went with our investigator and his wife as well as two other
members and our investigator just got a temporary adoption child and
he is so cute. We went to go do tubes lighting near the very bottom of
Sapporo. I’ll just send you a bunch of pictures because I don’t really
remember what happened. Love you guys! Give me an update about what’s
going on!

-Elder Call

This is the kid they adopted his name is taijyu pronounced like tie
then Jew. He is so cute.



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