Weekly Update – December 6, 2015

Round two of transfer 12

You know what that means everyone I only have six months left on my
mission. You know how much that sucks? If I think about it this is my
last Christmas my last winter and probably one of my last areas. This
is crazy there’s so many things coming up there’s going to be a
Christmas party this week not this week but the next week there’s
going to be a baptism this next Sunday there’s going to be another
baptism and the week after that there’s Christmas New Year’s. Don’t
forget about zone training meeting and probably a little apartment
Christmas party were going to have there’s going to be so many things
coming up this month.

So instead of telling you everything that happened this week I want to
tell you about one story. So it starts out with a regular day we are
inside the apartment and we do our morning schedule and it’s really
good and I have a really good study and then we eat lunch and I wanted
to make a cake for a member’s birthday for which we would celebrate
that night. I had a thought that I should start preparing the cake
right now like cutting it and making the whipped cream. Once I started
cutting the cake I realize that a part of the center of it was not
cooked so I started planning I started working at it. With the help of
my companion watching the toaster oven while I created everything else
we were able to get the cake made but it took three hours and I looked
at the clock and thought wow I wasted so much time making this. But it
was all for a member and they were very happy about it so I’m happy
too. After that we decided to go out finding to place where Elder
Manzano had pointed out on the map the day before. So we started
walking in that direction and once we get pretty close I get a thought
hey there’s an investigator that we contacted the other day and he
hasn’t met her yet maybe we should go try and visit and see if you can
talk.  Kind of a random thought because we weren’t talking about
anything I was thinking about other things but I thought oh well it’s
a good thing so it’s probably the spirits guidance. So I followed it.
We get to her house and we pray before pinging her door but she said
today is impossible I can’t meet with you.  That’s strange I thought
when you get guidance from the spirit and you follow it you’re
supposed to get rewarded weird.  But I didn’t give up at that there
was another investigator that was close by so I said OK just as a last
thing just to kind of push it as hard as I can let’s visit another
person even though I didn’t get revelation for that person. We go and
we are able to contact her she’s willing to talk to us and she was
very open and she told us her doubts and all of the things that she
had learned and I tried to help her with that. She is now a new
investigator because we were able to commit her to read the book of
Mormon and it was the first time that I had talk to her longer than 30
seconds. And that was all of the time we had so we headed back to the

Moral of the story above, keep your ears open I’m not saying to be
listening all the time but I’m saying be willing or rather ready to
receive something from the spirit guidance from the spirit. When you
do that you will be walking down the road and you will get a thought
to visit a certain person or to talk to a certain person you may even
get a thought of something that you need to study or something that
you studied before suddenly comes back to you and it makes sense. This
is all the spirit working in you. That’s what I want to share I was
able to get revelation and we were able to make a new investigator
even though I did not think that we were going to make a new
investigator that day. I don’t want to make a super long email but I
just want to let you all know that it snowed last night and there is
more snow now and I am pretty happy about that. In tomorrow we have
our zone training meeting and I’m looking forward to it. Just
remembered that when ever you need help you should ask heavenly father
because he will help you God does love you and he will guide you
through the Spirit. It’s an amazing gift given to all of us and I want
to make sure that all of you are properly using it because it is
totally undervalued and under estimated. Anyways I love all of you and
thank you so much for the recipes if you have anymore please send them
to me because I would love to make them. Shout out to Elder Rostedt
for giving me giant pancake mix recipe it was super good.

-Elder Call


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