Weekly Update – December 21, 2015

Christmas merry!  Feliz navidad

So this week lots of stuff happened but I think I’ll just tell you
about what happened on Saturday. After going around trying to share
with everyone the new Christmas video that came out, which by the way
is awesome and is on Mormon.org, we went to the church for the
Christmas party. Someone asked me if I needed to practice what I was
going to do, I told that member that if I practiced then I wouldn’t be
able to do the real thing. At the party I did around 250 push ups.
Right after the other, I would get done doing ten, sit down, then I
would have to do 10 more. Anyway, the members didn’t cry and I didn’t
really have that hard of a time, but everyone was commenting on how
red my face got while I was doing the push-ups. After doing the
push-ups we had the bishop come up and he asked everyone, who by the
way was all members and a couple of NAs, testified to everyone about
the atonement of Jesus Christ. Let’s see here, oh yeah then after that
the members had made a present box for us, and it was completely full.
We got some much stuff that we waited to open but could t help it and
opened it all. We also got packages from home and opened those. I got
a bunch of cool little games, right at the time that I was going to
follow the rule of avoiding all world entertainment. Oh well I can
still look at it and maybe even give it to someone who will use it,
even though it in English. I do love the gifts though thanks so much
to my family I got super cool sticky notes that I will no doubt use!
We had plans for uraie San to be baptized during this next week but he
wants to push it again to the ninth of January which for that I am
probably going to be transferred out of the area for that. I hope that
all of you can remember that on Christmas Day is the day hat everyone
should take a particular time to remember our savior and to share the
love that he gives to all of us freely, I hope that all of you can do
that. I recommend also watching that video on Mormon.org with the kids
in it, it’s super cool. Go ahead!

Elder Call




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