Weekly Update – December 14, 2015

Just kidding I’m not in a desert but I am in White rock. This week
with my companion Elder Manzano we walked around a lot.  Walked and
walked and walked and then we walked a little bit more.  Almost every
time we try to set up an appointment or to visit someone suddenly they
were not you want to meet so our numbers this week were very low. But
despite that fact we still have an investigator who is preparing to
receive baptism on Christmas eve. Today the reason why I am emailing
you also late or rather so early is because we spent the whole day
with one of our investigators. We went to probably all four of the
farthest corners of sapporo.

I would love to send you all the pictures but there are probably
hundreds. I will tell you a short story from this week. So there is a
less active member named Komatsu and he had his birthday on Saturday.
So basically we decided that we were going to make him a cake, and we
made the cake taking those little amount of time as we possibly could,
but I’ve no avail it still took about an hour and a half because we
had to go shopping for multiple things in order to make it. So back to
the story on Saturday after doing our studies we headed over to his
house but right before I visited him I got a pain in my stomach so I
went to the bathroom at the nearby church. Their elder Manzano and the
bishop talked to each other while I was busy in the bathroom. As we
left Bishop seems to be very happy that we were going to go visit
brother Komatsu , And his face when we showed him the cake and the
card was very good that is the non-active brother. He was very happy
that we visited him on his birthday and he said thank you so much for
making this time fun for me. By the way during our zone training
meeting this last week I did translation so I wasn’t able to absorb a
lot of it. But one thing I remember is that we needed to work with the
bishop and tell him what we are doing and how it ended up and it was
very good to let him know that we were visiting Komatsu. So it was
very good I just got here is an excellent opportunity for us to serve
the bishop and alter also to serve a member who does not have a whole
lot of friends to celebrate with.

So when the story comes to a close I just want to tell all of you that
the work is real and we are in it this last week I was able to make
some serious progress on a lot of things that I wanted to but there
are also things that I needed to improve on a lot, that is why humans
are so awesome because we can always improve. So I have a challenge
for all of you! Write up a list of the things that you did write this
year and then the things that you did wrong this year then compare the
list and if you were list of things that you did right is bigger than
the things that you did wrong then congratulations you’re awesome but
you can still improve. For the other side of the story every single
one of those points the things that you did bad or you weren’t able to
do you can improve on those and you can become more proficient in
those things, that is what I think God wants all of us to do, to
become as perfect as we can, even as he is. I love everyone and I hope
that you all have an awesome week me and my companion are going to
work hard and try not to get sick so please let everyone know in the
areas that you may be that I said hello this is Elder call tuning out.

-Elder Call






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