Weekly Update – August 30, 2015

This is elder call with shiroishi call radio

Now coming to you on a recorded message sent from a church in the
middle of the ghetto of Sapporo, this is my weekly report. So everyone
I hope you had a good week! I did too! Starting at this week elder
rostedt and I decided to become very strict with ourselves and all of
our goals as well as times for, well, everything. You know what
happened? Crazy stuff! So I won’t tell you everything because it would
take many hours to type it but I will tell you that I had an amazing
spiritual experience yesterday at a small hospital room for a member
who cannot leave bed rest. Her name is Ikeda shimai, she got sick
about a year and a half ago and she has something that prevents her
from Doing almost everything, it also makes her very slow of speech.
As I sat, at first a little bit uncomfortable I then sat in prayer and
we performed a small sacramental service for her. After the little
meeting we just sat and talked with her, while I was thinking about
why a woman of such strong faith has to be this sick. I thought about
it and then I started crying, the spirit had touched my heart, and I
felt an amazing sense of love for the daughter of God. At the end,
trying to control myself, she asked me to give the closing prayer, of
course I would gladly do that. After I had finished she looked into my
eyes and thanked me. I have as happy as that moment for a long time.
We went back to the church and I just sat and cried. When she is
healed and we see her again, which I believe it will happen, she will
thank us. I am so happy that I was able to visit the savior on that
day. I know that the sick and afflicted are here not only for the
strengthening of their faith but also so that we can learn of God’s
love for them. God loves us all so much and we try to look at that but
we are looking through a brick wall. I want you all to know that I am
genki and that I am super excited to keep working, transfers is coming
up soon, but I do not feel like it should, maybe this is what a
returning missionary feels like for his last transfer. I love all of
you and hope you have a good week! Bye bee.

Ps: today’s push up count in one minute is 92.
-Elder Call


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