Weekly Update -August 9, 2015

Hey everyone how is your life? Mine you ask? It’s good! This week with
elder fujisaka we did a ton of really fun stuff and made some things
that should be illegal here because they are too awesome, like our
food and such. So this week we traveled around a lot exploring our
area, and we planned for activities that will be coming up soon, I am
super excited for all of these things to unfold. This area looks like
it just got a bunch of things just started rolling, I think it was
because of elder fujisaka’ talk, he basically told all of the members
to help us, with everything. People immediately came to us to figure
things out. One other thing, the children of the ward have attached to
me, some of them literally will come running, grab me, and take me off
somewhere to go play with them, luckily I’m huge so they can’t do much
to me. I got my birthday package from my family and let me just say
that I am so happy that I got all of that stuff, I took pictures but
it’s on my camera not my iPad so I can’t send it, but know that I am
super ecstatic. Also those hot sauces that I got are water based so I
think it might be relatively healthy, yay fun spicy foods! Also I
loved the card, it was a Star Wars themed card with like a lightsaber
on it, super cool! I really want to tell everyone more stuff but I
think I’ll wait until next week to say it, I am really busy today so
make sure all of you have a good week!

-Elder Call



My companion is not amused.


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