Weekly Update -August 23, 2015

Weak Week.

Hello everyone from the land of shiroishi where the rocks aren’t white
and the rain doesn’t matter. This week was awesome! With elder rostedt
we are working hard. We had a really good time working with active
members, inactive members, and non members. We covered the whole board
this week. We hiked a mountain with a part member family, and then we
also taught the English class for the area next to us. We had so much
time to exercise on one of the days this week so we used real machines
and elder rostedt destroyed me, but from the fruits of that labor, and
for the sake of our contest with chile, Germany, and Korea, I was able
to do 61 push ups in a minute, stressing form and how low I go made it
a lot more difficult and because of that it turned into cardio, got my
heart pumping and my lungs on fire. Fun stuff! By the way last week
was 55 push ups, that time with less form. Then! I had splits with
elder Dupuis in a place called toyohira. It was really cool meeting
people from other areas. Then on Saturday we had a zone conference. At
this conference I had amazing spiritual experiences and I was able to
remember the time that I expressed and felt the most love in my life,
I was crying like a baby for a while. Then we all made a goal to do
something called a 40 day fast. Before the fast we do a regular fast
for a day to gain strength from Heavenly Father, we pray using a list
of things that we want to avoid in order to purify ourselves, I
changed it a little and added things I need to do as well. Then you
fast of those things for 40 days. I took this challenge to heart and I
am going to do it with all my soul! I challenge all of you to do it
too! This will help you, I know it. I also know that when you have the
spirit with you, you get guided all the time. Remember that I love all
of you and I want to share with all of you everything but time is not
on my side! I’ll send some pictures!

-Elder Call



my comp elder rostedt


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