Weekly Update – August 17, 2015

Weekly email from shiroishi in Sapporo.

So this week we had lots of fun, but also lots of tough stuff. Firstly
my companion switched, so now I’m with elder rostedt, he is an
Australian. We immediately get to work with lots of ideas that elder
fujisaka and I had thought up the last two weeks. We had a really good
district training meeting where I got to do a role play with sister
naganuma who has the craziest highest tension level ever. Literally it
was so beyond my level of being able to handle. In the reverse of
getting nervous which is normal I instead got really calm and had to
calm her down. But it was super fun, then I had my birthday lunch
where I bought a sirloin steak and its was pretty ok, too bad the meat
here isn’t the best. I also payed for everyone else’s lunch, I felt
like a high roller. Elder rostedt and I had a super good eikaiwa where
the members and the students made a surprise party for me, it was
super sick! Then I went to the wakabayashi family house for another
birthday party for the grandma and I who together make 100years old.
Yes! I did it! The rest of the week was just getting a much of things
set up and getting elder rostedt to meet the members before church.
Another cool thing is that the wakabayashi grandma is coming to church
again so I am super happy. One other thing is we just got a new
investigator who is ready to recieve baptism within a week or two so
we are gonna work hard with him, we made plans to go to the gym and
work out together. This week we are doing an exercise competition with
districts in Germany, chile, and Korea. For it I did 55 push ups in
one minute, not good enough! So that’s basically what happened, I hope
you all have a good week and I hope you all feel gods love this week,
also a little commitment from me would be to watch the best two years,
it represents accurately what I am doing here , except instead it’s
Japan! Anyway I love you all, see you next year!

-Elder Call


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