Weekly Update – July 26, 2015

Shiroishi: Enter Dragon

So as you can all see from the title I transferred, we get out transfer calls and I got transferred to shiroishi with elder…..(drumroll)

Elder Fujisaka. Yes! I am indeed not mistaken with this, I am back with my old companion as dual senior companion going to an area where we have not gone before, here in Hokkaido they call it a white wash. So I’ll give you a quick run down. On Monday and Tuesday we just packed. On Wednesday we were packing to go leave and brother watanabe came with some hamburgers and hot dogs and fries and some reggae CDs for us! Super lucky! We unfortunately made a ton of fried chicken because I was leaving and I wanted to eating elder takashima’s cooking one last time. So I ate like a happy fat king. Then we took the bus. We went to shiroishi as our stopping place which is lucky for me since I don’t need to carry my bags to the transfer spot anymore! I had a discussion about the area with the elders transferring out and they said that we are going to need all the help we can get because this ward is having trouble. I could not sleep this night due to my brain being on mega overdrive due to all the things I had heard. The next day we were able to meet up at the transfer spot and we headed back home just long enough  to decide to go buy some cleaning supplies. We bought some stuff thinking it would be sufficient. It was not. So this whole week we could not do regular proselyting due to not being synced into our records here for shiroishi so instead we cleaned. A lot. We cleaned everything. Or tried to. We cleaned for two hours and it still needs more work. 

Here is our cleaning list!

Shiroishi apartment cleaning mega list

Kitchen area:
Microwave (done)
Kitchen sink
Kitchen stove
Kitchen room needs shelves and toaster inside kitchen
Kitchen prep
Spice rack
Trash can
Trash ( thrown away)
Range hood (half)
Living room:
Table (done)
Balcony trash
Balcony sweep
Study room:
Desks (10%)
Windows (done)
Sleeping room:
Windows (done)
Light (high priority, broken wiring cannot be fixed, will fix anyways)
Genkan (whole thing)
Closet in genkan
Rack wanted something to hang towels
So this is what we are up against, we have been working hard and plan on making the homies in the Bronx apartment like a temple! We had church on Sunday and it was good if not a little bit weird, all of the members seemed to really like us so we were able to get a lot of stuff done with them and two of the members already offered to feed us. I am super excited! The past elders left us here with nothing and neither of us have money but luckily my friends in headquarters gave us some to get groceries with for the end of the month. Also little things, we don’t get rested after sleeping. We think it is because we are living in this filthy area. Anyway no crazy miracles or anything just lots of really fun times making this place live able.
-Elder Call


my companion elder Fujisaka, and our new area


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