Weekly Update – May 31, 2015

Ok everyone, so this week was a week full of really cool stuff!

so on monday we went to the flower paradise in kitami down to the south. it was really pretty but i have seen more spectacular stuff in my days here. but its free and i got to enter into the nature zone again which really gets me pumped. i also climbed the mountain, a tiny one but hey thats number 2! but this time no bear, just a squirrel.
Tuesday!   so this day we had our training meeting and after eating lunch packing up and going back out we felt like we needed to visit someone but she said her morning sickness is really troubling her so she cant talk. after that it started to rain and we didnt have enough time to visit kami-san so instead we tried to visit some Non-active members but nobody was home, too bad…then at eikaiwa we had just the moms there so it was refreshing for me. we had a really long conversation time and in the meantime my companion had a really bad stomach ache so he went home early (by the way the dinner we ate was curry from a place called krishna it has blue curry and it destroyed him)
Wednesday! due to my poor companions stomach being in panic mode we did our weekly planning session and just tried to make it easy on him to eat but it didnt work. this day i learned alot about myself and that i really need to change if i expect to become a more effective missionary a more human person, i gotta retrain my brain to talk to people about them not about me!
Thursday! companions stomach still being attacked, we take it easy and i go on splits with elder stevens we go visit a PI and shes super nice, we teach her a little and make another appointment! then we go to an all you can eat nan curry place! and we ate a ton, for some reason i can eat about twice as much as i used to be able to but i think its because my body knows it needs the nutrition! that night we had a gyoza party with the watanabes and the shibata family who are not members, i felt like it was really good, but its kind of funny i couldnt eat as much as usual but thats ok, i got to hang out with cool guys who arent members and played really fun ping pong with no rules!
Friday! friday we finally got to do regular work and we went to okumura-sans house where we set up an appointment with to play ping pong on next wednesday, good stuff! we then had a lesson with yamada-san and the other 2 moms, we talked about the importance and blessings of prayer and everyone seemed to be pretty interested, especially one with big eyes she asked about if you can ask for anything and the length of it doesnt matter its just about what you have to say right? so we were happy about her interest, we challenged them all to pray and ask if god is really there or not.
Saturday! splits with elder stevens because kitami might be closing down to just 2 elders this transfer, not sure so we took precautions and we taught their investigators and i had a really good time. remember that we have really amazing potential and privelages and that we need to use them to our benefits.
Sunday! my companion in his sleep clenches his teeth and theres a spot that has really high pressure so it hurts him alot. he couldnt really sleep last night either. we gave him a blessing at the end of church and then we went home so he could rest, i just talked to him and he listened, we practiced building relationships and having me meet someone for the first time, its tough for me to do that, i hope i get brainwashed soon!
Anyway thats pretty much what happened this week, i miss you guys cants wait to see everyone after about 1 year!
sorry only one picture this week!
much love,
Elder Call
Yeah the picture was taken by me. it’s in Japanese it says kitami flower paradise, this was right by the entrance and probably the most beautiful part of the whole place, it’s pretty new so they need a few more tens of years before it will look really nice, but free so you can’t complain.

-Elder Call


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