Weekly Update – May 24, 2015

Hello again and welcome to my weekly email from the beautiful land of Kitami, located in northeast hokkaido.

this week we had a lot of things happen.
FIRST! on last monday we went with an investigator to see the shibazakura but were only there for like 10 minutes, then he took us on a road trip to the top of 2 different mountains and also to abashiri which is no longer our area and then we ate some ramen together, the ramen was ma-ma but i loved the adventure and i took many pictures!
SECOND!!! tuesday we woke up got ready and rode our bikes an hour to get to a place called nikoroyama or mount nikoro for english people! right when we started hiking (with our investigator) we saw a fox and i got a picture of it, for a bit it was looking at us but i missed that chance. we hiked to the top and could see all the stuff around us, the weather was pretty bad and it rained a bit but its ok because on the way down, we saw a bear!! we were walking down and he was walking up and we both looked at each other and then right when i grabbed my camera to snag a picture he walked off the path! NIOOOOOO!!!!! after that we rode home, btw that day consisted of about 4 continuous hours of stressful exercise, i got tired.
Third! from wednesday to friday we were in Kushiro for our zone conference which was amazing, it was such a spiritual experience and i feel like i finally figured out how i can teach people for effectively, just get super simple. i got to bare my testimony there as well as my whole apartment, it was kind of wierd but hey im not complaining (i was holding back tears the whole time by the way) such an amazing spiritual experience, then we also ate a wonderful meal with a member out in kushiro which really just rounded out the day!
Fourth! after coming home we went and did service for a member and moved lots of dirt, it felt super nostalgic and i really got a little bit trunky for arizona dirt. then we went with that member and did some dendo with him, which i felt was really good! that night we had a family home evening with them!
Fifth! the next day we had a curry making party with members and our investigator the nohara family! we had a really good time and the nohara daughter (emily) basically adopted me as her father. I can now talk to her about anything and she has interest, also the next day on sunday our other investigator sawai iori came to church because i gave a talk. She seemed to have a good time and the members did a really awesome job making her feel like she was welcome at church, she loves the members so its good that they love her too!
Sixth! on sunday after church we were able to visit the nohara family and i taught prayer to the youngest daughter, she has such pure faith its amazing, i wish i could have more faith like a child. she also told me she wanted to come to my home when i go home to do a home stay, im totally ok with it, just not sure if its possible. I told her if she prays and works really hard she can do it, and god will help, she then got all fired up. i think shes gonna be praying everyday!
thats my short week wrapup, lots of stuff happen, i saw a ton of miracles and i have been able to bring others to come unto jesus christ so i felt like a succesful missionary! I love all you guys and i want to hear more from you so please write me!
Bye bye
Elder Call
yes that ocean was amazing and the sunset! WOOH! i love it\!_
                                                           More pictures!!


                           heres the fox (he’s in the center of the pix, look very closely)
                  and us at the dam near the mountain, i was very tired at this point



              above the mountain, and then down by the lake made by the nearby dam!


                                        curry party and the family from kushiro

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