Weekly Update – May 17, 2015

So this is another week that went by really fast we had our first district training meeting on this tuesday and it was wierd doing self introductions from everybody even though only my companion changed out, but hey its not my decision. then with a little bit of time constraints the DL had to leave a little bit early so we did not get to hear all that we needed to, but its ok he called us later. Later this day we visited one of our other investigators and we ended up talking about hiking mountains and we decided to go hike one together, we didnt make solid plans until later in the week but we are doing that so yeah alot of stuff is kind of falling into place. .on wednesday with the man we made an appointment with last week, we were able to meet with him and we talked with him for about 4 hours, he seems really prepared but he has very strong thoughts and he wants to know pretty deeply about almost everything that we talk about. his name is Kami-san, and he used to be a member of seicho no ie, he loves to make things out of wood and has his own workshop that he made himself, he is extemely thrifty. after that we met with tauchi-san who we made plans with to go see the shibazakura, he is really nice and his wife is hospitalized so we want to share with him a bunch of love and tell him that god loves him too. on friday we had a sports activity and about 12 people came! we got to play all kinds of sports and talked about the gospel with our investigators, i commited the nohara family to come to church and they actually came! i was so happy when i saw their car pulling into the parking lot. saturday we had lunch with another investigator who says she wants to become a missionary but right now is busy with study for college and high school, we would like to help her as much as we can before she gets into college because i think she was truly prepared! on that same day at the branch presidents house we had a birthday party for an NA who lives in Bihoro but nobody really knows him, he is really young (25) and is a really fun person, from the experience we were able to become friends with him and he wants to come hang out with us again, i love seeing all these miracles happen all the time. on sunday we had a really good lesson with the nohara family who during this lesson i learned that the daughters have some kind of natural faith, almost like it is in their blood, and the mom is really nice and has some real interest in the gospel, we talked about the gospel in your life really changes you for the better and that it can help them too! the mom then told the younger daughter to become a missionary, right now its a joke but i think she now recognizes that the gospel is a really good thing. today after we go home to clean we are going to go see the shibazakura in higashimakoto (look it up) with an investigator. basically because of all the work we did this last week we do not really have to plan all that much this week. I recently have been having trouble falling asleep so if you know any nifty ways to fall asleep faster it would help alot! remember that we are all brought to this Earth to prepare to meet God, we make mistakes, learn and become better people through the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that he lives and that he suffered and died to atone for our sins, not only did he suffer for our sins but he also felt all of our physical and mental strain as well. In this area of Kitami there are many people with injured bodies, but they seem to have a really strong and deep testimony of the atonement of Jesus Christ, i want to be more like them. I love this place, and i love all of the people here, remember though that i love all of you too! Keep your testimony growing, or it will start to decrease, there is no middle ground. By the way everyone i noticed something completely random, by the end of the next transfer 4/6 of my companions will have gone home already. perhaps thats why my japanese is a little bit better than normal. To everyone who write me letter and emails i thank you and i want you to know that you make my week. So this time my email is long but hey i have no more time, See you!
PS:for all the people asking right now i weigh about 78-82 kilos our scale is kind bad so it goes up and down all the time, but i weighed about 210pounds before i entered the MTC. yes i lost some weight but i am eating, trust me!
Maximum Love,
Elder Call





one of my favorite members, her name is yukina and is super

funny she also acts like a boy all the time.



another members little child who looks like a little farmer  🙂


birthday party with the NA



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