Weekly Update -May 10, 2015

Hey everybody,

How was your week? I hope it was amazing because mine too was full of
miracles! Firstly last Monday we headed over to Kushiro which is a
three hour bus ride and there’s only one bus that makes it on time
over there and that’s at 9:30 so basically we had our pday in Kushiro.
We had our zone activity and then on Tuesday we had our zone training
meeting. That night we headed home and went immediately to our English
class but only one person showed up so we just talked to her about
Kitami and I learned where he good ramen places are. On Wednesday we
had some huge guidance given to us, our planned schedule got all moved
around but we decided to just go with the flow and after trying to
visit the same NA twice we turned around and visited one of the the
adjacent blocks and found a prepared person, he is a member of the
house of growth or seicho no ie but he is looking for the true church.
We taught him the first two lesson like right on the spot. Then that
night with the branch president couple we had dinner and made cookies
for Mother’s Day for all of the sisters in the branch. On Thursday
before a difficult lesson with one of our investigators we had some
time so I tried to visit another investigator but she was busy tearing
apart a shed in her back yard. We then were going to visit a members
house because it was his birthday but the present was not ready so we
did not do so, instead we went home and planned for our next week.
Friday we had a party at the watanabe family’s house and one of our
investigators came, then it started raining really bad and we got a
ride from a member home. Saturday was pretty good too! Before a lesson
with an investigator we had some time so we did a little tracting
nearby and found a bunch of really nice people and were able to make
some appointments with them! That night we visited brother tadano and
sister honma who are a wonderful combination. On Sunday brother tadano
came to church for all three hours woot! This Sunday had our branch
conference, a mix and mingle and then one of the children’s baptism.
The mission president was there and for about ten minutes we talked as
if we were friends, it kind of weirded me out. Then we went to the
nohara family’s house and had some fun with them. They seem to like me
more, so I’m happy. Sunday night was the baptism child’s birthday
party and we ended up having 2 all you can eat meals that day, I might
even gain a little weight for once. Love you guys and all of your
emails. And happy Mother’s Day everyone! Future moms or current moms
too, have fun!

-Elder Call



This is me my MTC companion and elder Sato on my back, fun times at
the activity. Also my current companion elder Dobashi in the

-Elder Call


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