Weekly Update – June 28, 2015

Happy monday, for some of you its Sunday but hey,

so this week was pretty good overall, lots of trouble trying to get the area book app going we have to continue 1 hour each day until we have everything put into it so that will take i reckon the whole transfer. with elder funato i have been running in the mornings and it really helps me stay awake during personal study, so thats good! i can focus really easy now too! but getting to sleep is still pretty hard. Thanks everyone for the recipes by the way it helped, i cant wait to cook this stuff for my roommates seeing as im the only american that lives here. i fear i might turn into a japanese person and start to send all of my emails in japanese, jeez i might be able to do it right now, but i wont, you cant all read it. so this week ill tell you about something that i realized and have been told a lot recently. the plan of salvation is the plan of happiness but it is also the plan of suffering, let me explain, if you need opposition in all things to experience the good how much better will be your joy if you have experienced the bad. so the more suffering the more happiness you will have. this week we went to this little town about 8 kilometers north of a tiny town called rubeshibe which is 26 kilometers from kitami, on our bikes by the way. so anyway we head there to contact this referral that seemed really promising but it turned out the man came up to us and told us he wouldnt even say hello to us and then left, wow tough stuff. so anyway the point being we rode our bikes for almost 70 kilometers to be turned down. result, really really strong legs and a new thing to repent about. its the times when you are physically weak when spiritual and emotional temptation can get to you the most. so i got a little mad, but hey the best part is that we dont have to go back there again, but cool part was that was when i saw the fox walking on the rode i started talking to it and took a picture of it, then it turned the corner and dissappeared craziest thing ive seen in a while, next to a couple of cranes fighting, that was really rare. i recently have been thinking more deeply about some examples for teaching like using water and a hospital and other various things. i would love to tell you all about it but i feel like i might be able to explain it better when i come home from my mission because i just thought of it the other day by listening to another talk. the spirit really works on my brain bringing all kinds of things to my remembrance and just keeps pushing me along so that i can barely hang on with the skin of my teeth. also guess what japanese is endless, you think you know a lot then you hear someone new talk and they use all these words you have never heard before, so yeah it always keeps you out of your comfort zone, good thing too otherwise you would not be able to properly stay in a high but healthy level of stress, which helps with growth a ton. i have a little shout out though to my brother Anson whos birthday is on the 3rd of this next month HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRO! hope you have a good one too! i cant wait to see all of you guys when i get home, recently time has been less and less meaningful i feel like the older we get the closer we get to gods perspective level, time really is interesting with more experience. anyway this weekly tangent course was brought to you by elder call from kitami japan. by the way everyone my companions birthday is on the 15th of july so if you guys send me a message i can give it to him translated, i really want to surprise him so thanks for everything you guys!
much love and much thoughts much yes,
Elder Call
                      i saw 2 cranes fighting, sadly i only got a picture of one of them
                              and heres the fox.
now the picture from the temple fireside and the lovely sunset from sunday,  hehe its monday here by the way.

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