Weekly Update – June 21, 2015

Ok so everyone are you ready? This is my weekly email from the very
harsh weather ridden place called kitami, you know it’s funny, you
almost always see the weirdest things when you don’t expect them.
Recently I have been seeing cranes, the bird you know? Lots of them,
I’m talking like three at a time almost every day, and by the way I
saw two cranes fighting one time. They are actually really rare, but I
have this weird thing with animals where like they follow me around
and I meet all kinds of weird things. So that’s the random trail off
from. This week.

This week was actually kind of hard, I mean like we just started using
the area book app and a
We have to spend an hour each day to update it so it takes huge chunks
out of our proselyting time. So this week we just tried our very best
to have my companion elder funato meet with all of our investigators
but we couldn’t meet with like any of them, so that was a little
awkward. Anyway, we were able to meet with tauchi San who seemed to
really like elder funato and we talked about many things, he really
likes our teaching but says that because he is old that he cannot
convert, he gave us a commitment that if he were young and he met us
he would convert, this guy is hilarious, he is so energetic despite
being so old. We also had of course our little Yamada San eikaiwa
where elder funato and I taught this time. We talked about why we left
on our missions and they were both because we had prayed and gotten an
answer. I feel like we need to be more bold as of recent and need to
get more people into this teaching circle, maybe even try and commit
them to doing something big. We also had the iwao San eikaiwa at
parabo where everyone seemed to be happy to see me and I was happy to
spend time with these people, when we all get in this big group I feel
like it’s a nice little comfy family and that’s just the best feeling
I think. We also heart attacked the nohara family but they have not
reacted it seems. I wonder how they feel about it. Today we have big
plans and are going to play soccer for a couple hours even though we
just played tennis, but hey we gotta stay active.

Hey also one last thing if any of you have any fast easy recipes for
anything I would like to indulge in them, if you would humor me.
Remember that whenever you have a problem I would love to help you out
but, sadly I may not be able to. BUT GOD CAN, pray for his help and he
will hear you, love you guys!


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