Weekly Update -June 14, 2015

Hello everyone and welcome back to the adventures of elder call in the
far off land of kitami where there are only gas powered trains and
buses as means for transportation! I hope everyone had an awesome week
because mine was awesome in a weird way. First off on Monday right
from the morning we had to take a bus to obihiro which prevented me
from writing my last weekly email to you people so I apologize. That
night we had a zone activity where we played various sports and did
some fun games too! On Tuesday we had our zone training meeting where
I felt the testimony meeting was the best part I got to hear my
friends bare one of their last testimonies in their mission, it was
very spiritual. Then we immediately headed to Sapporo and stayed with
the elders in shiroishi. Wednesday was not yet the transfer day so we
went out to do some missionary work despite not being in our area. We
taught an after baptism lesson and then we ate with that members for
pretty much the whole day it was crazy, I also got to see my beloved
companion elder kojima after an entire transfer.then Thursday was
transfers, we just went and headed home at a nice time and I tried my
best to not spend any money in Sapporo but it’s kind of funny. After
being out in the country side for only two transfers I already am not
excited to see the city, it’s like I don’t need it at all. Friday we
did our first weekly planning session and then had Yamada eikaiwa
which was regular, really taihen. That night for dinner we went to the
tsuchiya family house/restaurant and had dinner, then we sang happy
birthday to the husband he was really happy and I’m glad that we were
able to make his day. Saturday was the branches flower planting and
barbecue which was really all kinds of fun, the missionaries had
sixteen people come, that more than double the members we had there,
yeah I felt awesome after that, it was an amazing turn out. Sunday was
kind of interesting, a regular morning but after church we got caught
by an old lady members and she talked at us for about three hours so
our working time was really cut into. Then we just had time to visit
an NA member and one of our investigators calls, he said that he was
able to fish this weekend and caught us some flat fish, and he gave us
a bunch of it, by the way it was really tasty. Elder tsutsumi is now a
trainer and his new companion is elder takashima who is really really
REALLY good at cooking. Instant friends. My new companion is elder
Funato who is at transfer five and I am now the elder companion for
the first time, I’m so lucky that it is a nihonjin! So all of you are
probably wondering what I did the week before this but I think I’ll
Leave it up to imagination so go crazy!

Remember that I love all of you so much and I can’t wait to see you
all, for all of you emailing me I give my thanks, for those who are
not, I understand I wasn’t able to email last week either. Love you


image1 (1)

This is me and my new companion


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