Weekly Update – July 5, 2015

hello again everyone from the adventure land that is Kitami where there might be anything of fame but we keep finding little nifty stuff! so this week was interesting to say the least. i think the best part of it was that we got to work closely with members! this sunday we had a team up with 2 members for a lesson with an old grandma, shes super nice and seems to have heard every lesson, just kind of wondering why she wanted to hear the messages again. i have been writing in my regular journal and my drawing journal and let me tell you it takes a long time! but i will stick with it! i would like to thank all of you for all of your love and letters and emails! these little acts of love keep me going, you dont know how much it pushes me along! since this saturday was the 4th of july we had an america party where we had hot dogs, played frisbee and everyone but the missionaries did some fireworks! it was a really nice party and i feel like we were able to do a lot of good for the people who came! since recently we have had less and less time to do regular proselyting we have become extremely selective with what we do for it. namely we are bsaically only doing teaching visits! its good but we also really lose our ability to do street contacting and housing and stuff like that. which is not good. this brings up another memory from this week, i saw another fox, this one was being attacked by a crow that seemed absolutely furious, i mean it was dive bombing it, really funny to see but the poor fox seemed all picked on. i took a picture! then since we have set it as a goal for this transfer we have been doing heart attacks for members in the area, we just want to spread the love! later on during this process i decided to start drawing pictures for them on one of the hearts, i must use my talents for the work! one more thing! recently people have been giving us stuff, its really weird, every time i feel like we are running low on food, someone gives us some! i also have been learning a lot, i mean a ton of japanese. with the apartment being 3 japanese people, i have no choice but to speak the language, and they all want to teach me so i just absorb it all and guess what? one of them told me `you know this morning you got out of the shower and i smelled your deodorant and i thought `oh he really is an american“ wait…. what? so basically they keep building up my image and if im not careful the image might get bigger than i am. i must study harder. i need to become better than what i have right now or im going to get slammed by my own image. so basically you need to be careful of what you do all the time, because you are constantly forming your image. we should not be afraid of bad images but it does make it hard as a missionary if there are people that dont like you or think you are strange or what have you. fear not men! also this week in order to see one of our investigator i went to a high school parade in the city and use my foreigner power like crazy and everyone wanted to get a picture with me , so yeah this is just kind of my life out here. recently my study has been based around the daily life of Jesus Christ, because i want to become more like him, i should figure out what he did on a daily basis, things that i can do, so i want to ask all of you, what did Jesus do everyday? this email is strange but i wanted to let you all know that i love you and that i am still alive out here, i just might come home as a japanese person, be careful they are crafty.



this is me on the fourth of july and also the heart attack.


the parade people, im glad i got to show people that americans are nice, because a lot of people out here have a bad image of us it seems. the picture with 2 girls one is an investigator, the other one is an eikaiwa student, they are both really funny.


the fox being attacked by a crow, and a picture of a little girl playing with the fireworks, she is the daughter of one of our investigators!


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