Weekly Update – July 19, 2015

Hello again everyone from the land of Hokkaido best place in basically
the whole world. I firstly want to say I love all of you and that if
you are reading this it means you are on my list of loved people.
Firstly I want to apologize for not writing last week, I went to
obihiro for another zone activity and I did not have enough time to
write. During that last week I got to see a lot of cool stuff but to
be honest it’s not all that important. What’s important is I got to
have an interview with my mission president and I finally noticed how
fast he receives revelation, this man just lets it flow to him, even
when I asked him a question that was reall vague he was able to give
me there answer he was looking for. I want to thanks everyone for
telling me about Jesus Christ and giving me all the recipes, also
thanks for the hand written letter, they make me super happy, if I
could get one everyday I think I would never have trouble with
anything. This week we had our zone training meeting and I was
thinking oh jeez we have no money or time to buy groceries what should
we do. Then a scripture came to mind. I believe it’s 3 nephi 13:31-34
it’s a promise given to people who preach the gospel that if we do not
worry and instead perform the work he’s got our backs, and guess what
we got food, it was amazing how everything pulled together. I love
seeing miracles like this unfold before my eyes. Then we had a music
night with the branch and people actually came, I sing like 7 songs
and I got somebody to cry so I must have done a sort of good job. Then
at church on Sunday I had a talk assignment about loving the lord, I
was super nervous but I was able to share with people what I know, and
what I have learned this last little bit of time. I love the mission,
you learn so much here it’s ridiculous, also revelation is like a
river, it never stops! Let’s keep the commandments and keep being
built up together, I am changing slowly but I can’t see it, maybe you
all can. I have been here a year so I need to. Are my goals higher,
let’s push all the way to the sky! Love you all so much.

Elder Call


5 of us made this origami, it took us a long time! we had to make the flowers one leaf at a time. it reminded my comp of the Mormon message called flecks of gold,
watch it, you’ll love it.

-Elder Call



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