Weekly Update – April 26, 2015

ok firstly i have to apologize, soooo sorry for not writing you all last week, we had a district activity and i cut my email time in half in order to participate! so ill catch you up on 2 weeks. i had splits with the district leader and his companion these last 2 weeks, which was pretty fun! i got to learn how other people do their work in this mission and it made me excited to be able to work with them from here on out too! we got to meet with only 2 of our investigators this last week and they were pretty good lessons if i do say so myself. for fujino-san he usually just talks the whole time but this time i decided to open up with prayer and immediedly go into teaching and he sat and listened pretty intently, good lesson overall but since his beliefs are pretty interesting it may not have helped him too much, he either agrees with our teachings 100% or he things we are idiots, but hey i love that guy. just the other day we headed to a place called bihoro which is about 2 hours away on bikes, and we had to climb 2 mountains to do it, not the funnest thing to do ever but i bet my legs will get really strong from it.! also did i tell all of you that i looked at the calender yesterday and noticed that this transfer was already over!? well it is, we have transfers this week and im not sure how its going to go but i look forward to the change, i didnt get sick so i dont think that my companion will change but lets see. This week i also had an interview with my mission president and he did a roleplay with me, the thing that he stressed on the most was that i should always start a lesson and go through a lesson with the end in mind (baptism) he basically told me to find the persons needs relate it to baptism and tell them how amazing all of this stuff is, then by about lesson 1 or 2 do a hard commitment and make sure they are excited to recieve the purification that comes from this sacred covenant. remember that once we forget about ourselves we can do some really amazing things, this trasnfer while my companion has been showering i have been shining his shoes, not sure if he noticed it was me but i have only missed about 4 days so far, and i think i may continue it for the rest of my mission, its easy and its better than just waiting for him to get out of the shower. even though this email is really short i want to wish you all a happy mothers day and to have a  good week. if you havent seen it already you should all watch the movie about Thomas S Monson called on the lords errand, it is really good. I love all of you so much and cant wait to see you all when i go home, see you after a year and 2 months!



                       this is me with the bihoro sign and another picture of the
                             road in-between bihoro and kitami!



sorry the picture from the last email could not send so here it is, and then we found this really big river and i had to take a picture, there used to be a bunch of ducks until we got close and they all flew away 😦
you cant really tell very well from the picture above but its a really big mountain ok? we did alot of crazy stuff in order to get to that town, also we found a very straight road!

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