Weekly Update – March 8, 2015

Superstar week, get ready for fun!
on monday we almost did nothing! we tried to visit a man named watanabe and he had questions about prophets but we did not have time to answer him completely. we set up an appointment and did some other stuff while heading home. on tuesday we had a lesson with yoneta-san and we committed him to be baptised but he did not accept, he said hes the oldest and that he has a butsudan in his house (classic excuse) then he said but i have no interest in budhism, and yet he still does their stuff, its ok he still wants to learn very much. we then did some service for our token grandma in eniwa and then she fed us a little but we headed out to try and do some other work but not a lot got done sadly, the eikaiwa was awesome we had takashima honoka shimai come for the first time in about 6 months (shes a recent convert less active) he grandparents dont let her come but it looks like she is able to do more now, so we stayed late and talked to her. miracle number 1. then on wednesday since we had to travel to sapporo for a conference that same night it was pretty tight scheduled. first we had a little finding time and so we did housing, the 3rd house we ping is and OI that has some awesome interest in us. We taught and set up and appointment. miracle number 2 (#ledbythespirit). Then we headed up to eniwa to grab elder fujisakas shoes from the church. and visited matsuoka-san, we taught him a little and set an appointment with him. miracle number 3. that night we had dinner with the Sato family and they fed us very good, i also practiced teaching with them. im running low on time so now super skimmy highlights. thursday was a conference, had a ton of revelation come in. Amazing notes were taken, i felt gods love very strongly. friday we did practice with kurashige shimai and she fed us as well. then we did weekly planning at Patricks but he did not talk to us, maybe he doesnt like us anymore. oh well. did some surprise good stuff for the sato family as thanks. saturday we had a tough night (elder hirata and fujisakas relationship is pretty bad) so we had a group talk, also i feel like we made some progress its always better to talk, but ive never had a problem so its good to learn how to deal with stuff. we had a good lesson with watanabe on saturday, he had a bunch of fun with us and we had a really good discussion but hes 50 years old so his vocabulary is prety big for us, but i keep trying my best. on sunday, we had a good meeting at church, then after playing with the young members, we headed over the haramai family and had a dinner, ward activity, lesson thingy. I believe that there was a lot of things going on this week for us to be doing so many cool things, anyway time is low i love all of you, and have a good week!
Elder Call
this is me and my companion from the MTC ill send more next week but i have no time kbye!

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