Weekly Update – March 24, 2015

so this week was transfers and many other big things happened! the first thing that happened was transfer calls, we probably got our transfer call first since it was at around 9:05 ish, i have been transferred to Kitami with elder Kojima as my new companion, he is one of the people that lived with me 2 transfers ago, its gonna be fun. so a little bit about kitami would be firstly, its one of the coldest places in all of hokkaido, and the summer is really hot apparently. right now its supposed to be turning to spring but its blizzarding right now. and i have 2 new roommates, elder stevens, a young missionary, and elder tsutsumi who is one of the people i came to hokkaido with. so on this monday instead of having pday we went to Sapporo with every missionary in the whole mission to get some training on Ipads, instead of getting ipdas like i thought was going to happen we got 2 booklets to train us to protect ourselves while we are going to be using the devices. originally elder nelson was supposed to come but he sent elder aoyagi in his stead , we all had a very spiritual time. it was really cool to hear from elder evans again since he spoke about 3 times in the mtc while i was there, it was a good experience and i have a lot of notes that i will hold close to me for the rest of my mission. after that we ate lunch and ran for 10 minutes straight to get to our bus on time, then i sat for 5 hours on the bus waiting to get to kitami. sadly our other 2 roommates could not keep up with us and they had to catch a bus the next day. on tuesday we first went to shovel snow at the church and then headed over to a members house, brother watanabe who is the man that wrote all of the reggae music that i listen to, he is super cool and his wife has a smile just like an anime character, shaped like a lemon slice, hilarious! after that we tried to visit an investigators place but they were just about to leave so we said that we would be coming back and left. we bought some cake for elder tsutsumi since it was his birthday the day before and we surprised him and sung to him, he was very happy. then like clockwork we had our english class, which i love by the way. they english students love to participate and they are all pretty good at english too! i look forward to working here, and i want to write more but i dont thing that i can, sorry! but heres some pictures!




so i turned into cyclops and had to shoot my lasers a little bit, then as always a picture with my companion so you know what he looks like…..vaguely.

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