Weekly Update – March 15, 2015

Probably my last email from Eniwa-Chitose (i think, maybe, but i dont know)
So on last Monday we had a district activity, firstly we went to a place called sukiya and i got this plate of cow meat bowl called king size, it wasnt as big as my companion played it up to be but i decided i was going to eat a lot of food, so that what i did, look at the picture its crazy. then at the church with kan yamamoto we did a bunch of games and did a bunch of fun stuff until dendo time. overall a pretty nice day if i do say so myself. on tuesday for my companions birthday we went to the yamamoto families house and they made us some really good hayashi rice, it was amazing and then we all played some jinroh which is super fun and then basically time had run out, but we shared many stories with them about dendo and stuff. on wednesday since it had just snowed the night before about a whole foot, we did some snow shoveling for old grandma matsuo, and then had to do some various things before heading to the church for a pmg class with the sister missionaries and the ysa members, we went over some of the 12 week program which was pretty good when we have insight from alot of people. on thrusday night we had our planning session and went to matsuo shimais for a family home evening with the other 2 elders and honoka shimai (recent convert (about a year)) and sato haruka shimai. i had been sick for about 2 days so at this point it was flushing my system, its a little embarrassing when you have to go to the bathroom twice within an hour, but hey it was fun and i got to share a really spiritual experience with them about hope for promised blessings. recently i have been able to think about other people for a long time and learn how to share stories with some real power with it, i love it. On friday we had to finish our planning session a bit then because of me being sick i wanted to find some good drugs, so i looked around for a bit and i managed to find some really strong ones, yes health! then since its my comps birthday we had a game night with the members and it was super fun. saturday was a sports activity and then we had DCS. on sunday we were able to listen to an excellent devotional from elder russel m nelson and he gave us some really awesome words. also we did our goodbye song come thou fount in japanese as a district and kan on the violin since im probably gone, so is elder hirata, and so is hojo shimai, so that was really good. Anyway i love all of these people but i have no time, sorry guys i want to write more but i have more things to do, i love you all, write me many letters, i will see you all sooner than you think, bye!
Elder Call

this is the king size, and the activity we played call of duty.



double birthday party for my companion!



i was going to do tamago kake gohan and there was two yolks yes lucky!, then a ward picture for everyone.

I got a rose and they all fawned when i did this, but my favorite little girl put a flower behind my head and made me a pikmin, the other picture is me playing with the youngest person in the ward, she is so adorable, all we did was hand the ball to each other haha, love this place!

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