Weekly Update – March 1, 2015

Another weekly email from elder call located in Eniwa-Chitose Japan.
So this week we had a lot of really cool stuff go on, starting with tuesday, according to new rules we spent almost the whole day studying, the spare time we had was spent doing service for matsuo shimai who made us hot chocolate and gave us bread. we also had eikaiwa which had a new student and a returning student come, it was super fun and we were able to work a little with them afterwords. on wednesday it was splits with elder Hirata and we did service, and sadly due to very short funds walked for about 4 hours to get home, since i could not take the train. It was a very good exercise. thursday was interesting we worked for a really long time on finding but only managed to contact 15 people, too bad. also we got a not from hayashi-san and it was in english so we didnt understand it at all (shes nowhere near fluent but she tried) its either a self drop or she wants us to come back, either way we are going to go back. on friday that was the coolest day we had, we do some money withdrawels and head over to patricks for our weekly planning session but according to our plans we get talking to him, it gets onto a gospel topic and somehow goes to that he believes (and backs up with scripture) that we all have evil hearts and that it can never be fixed. My companion confounded him with scriptures from the book of mormon and very strong testimony, after the whole thing it ended on a very good note but elder Fujisaka was shaking at the end, its was super crazy let me tell you. on saturday we went to the mall so that i could contact people in a natrual way (its part of one of our goals) but i enter into and aisle and they all leave it, im like a 6 foot 2 inch vulture lurking around, so i fixed my posture and then they ran still. ill keep trying, i gotta get this done you know. On this last sunday being fast sunday of course i have an amazing spiritual experience, one investigator just shows up to church randomly and i bore my testimony then 2 others stood up and bore their testimonies by using stuff that i did with them, i am making a difference after all. I love all of the people here and i would love to talk to all of you about them for hours but i do not have that kind of time, just know that ive been here a while working with the members alot so its payed off with lots of meals (we have 4 planned for this upcoming week and had 2 yesterday for dinner, crazy? i think not)

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