Weekly Update – February 22, 2015

So this week in the weekly update of elder Call`s mission, i didnt really do alot! but i will tell you all about it!
so firstly i have yet to fix my sickness from last week all the way, because its not just a fever, its something that evolves. first it was a fever, then a cold, then i lost my voice, and now i have a 4 day headache. fun stuff, especially since i just keep working during all of this. this week we were able to visit patrick and talk to him for a while, he had to work occasionally but i did do alot of stuff in order to get him to sit down with us, like drinking all of his water out of his water container for customers (still sick i need it). i have been getting along with my companion pretty well, but i am known in the mission for being able to get along with my companions even though they arent always the easiest to do so. i dont have too many pictures this week that i can show all of you but i will sned you the good ones. our first week of eikaiwa here, with all of our work to make it bigger here, it doubled in size, we have members coming now too, woot! we have that as a goal as well this transfer, so thats good to see those fruits.
I went on splits this week as well but i was not able to work being that my voice was completely gone besides a whisper, so we just talked about gospel stuff all day, and how stupid pidgeons are haha. this thursday we also had a wonderful time at kurashige shimai`s house, she fed us some assorted foods like usual, but was super yummy. its going to be sad leaving this area from being here so long, this place is my home you know? on friday we went around all over the place an ran into a bunch of people who gave us stuff and talked to us, that used to be investigators but now theyre just friends pretty much. we also heart attacked 3 member families, one of them came back to church this last sunday, we also had ishigaki shimai back at church again, yes through my work over these last months we have had a few people come back into activity! i love working with members so much!
other than all of that, not much happened, i keep trying to get stuff done, but the biggest thing right now is with my companion we are doing a whole lot of work on my Alma O. Taylor in order for me to become a senior companion i pretty much need that little pin, so i have set up many appointments with members in the area. I would like to tell all of you to have a great week but i want you all to have an awesome week (better than great), now go do it, for me, then send me pictures, LOVE YOU GUYS!
Elder Call

picture time , the first one is what i got from valentines day from the members! i love them all so much! the other picture is the sisters sleeping in the church, we caught them redhanded (dont worry its p-day)


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