Weekly Update – February 15, 2015

Hello everyone again from the land of random 3 day blizzards!
So this week we did a lot of things but it wont take very long to write it all. On pday we didnt really do anything after i emailed sadly, and i have no pictures. Starting on monday night since we had a huge meeting 4 of the elders from another area, including my mtc companion came to spend the night, thats always good to reconnect with him, love that guy, also later on in that night i heard from his companion `hey man, he talks about you all the time, youre his hero` if you are a member of my family you know what that means, i ll have you know that i cried for a bit when i heard that. The next day we had our zone conference and the japan health missionaries came up to help us out with some stuff and gave us some really cool workshops. i got to put a mask on and act like a wierdo in front of everyone to mimic a distraction/temptation that was really fun, we also met with a bunch of new sisters that came into our zone recently (and the mission) they are mostly fluent in japanese 3/4 of them. they are super nice and we had lots of fun. After the activity we all had the wonderful experience to watch meet the mormons and that in itself was amazing to see, there is nothing better than the work of the lord being put for into the world for all t6o see. after that we all as about 50 missionaries headed to sapporo for the snow festival, which by the way was magnificent, so much cool stuff was going on. on wednesday we went back up to sapporo for another meeting as a zone, we have a lot of things changing in the mission, i cant wait to see how it turns out, gonna be amazing. after that we all went out to eat and split up finally to go back to work, and we tried to go to a bunch of stuff but nothing worked out, not sure why. THEN! i got sick, thats 2 days of nothing but fevers, sore throats, feeling like i need to jump out the window (getting so stir crazy). when we went back to work we did not see much progress but i hope for more wonderful things this next week. Also on sunday we spent a lot of time at the Kumagai family house for lunch/dinner, they live near fields, and when its blizzarding roads dissappear, youll see with the pictures. I hope youre ready for this!
Love Elder Call
1 DSCN8821
this is at the snow festival, yes its all snow, its about 50 feet tall, really huge, they had a lazer show but we came at the perfectly wrong time, oh well i still have next year!!
DSCN8833 DSCN8835
DSCN8843 DSCN8848
everything is made out of snow , it was pretty cold so i couldnt smile very easily sorry.
DSCN8858 DSCN8869
hey anson guess what this is? also me with vader in the back.
1 DSCN8878
the 2 new missionaries in our zone, and then elder Rees one of my kohai (juniors) from the MTC.
DSCN8885 DSCN8887
on the way to the kumagai family house, we got stuck in the snow while the wind was going super fast, we called the snow plow to pull us out of it, fun stuff.
DSCN8889 DSCN8896
fun times at the families house, we had lots of fun with everyone and i took a picture with a smile on my face. thats it for today but i hope to see all of you soon, see you in about a year!

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