Weekly Update – January 25, 2015

Hello everybody from the land of enchanting, just kiddig its just Japan.
So today we left quite early to go email and because of that i forgot my camera, so no pictures today, sorry!!
this week we had many events, specifically a blizzard, its wasnt crazy like last week but just normal. this weeks investigators were very slim, numbers are hard to do with all of our snow shoveling and meetings. But here goes! On tuesday after our training meeting we ate lunch and headed out for matsuo shimais house since shes a widow and old and cant shovel all the snow thats around. by the way since we built an igloo it took about 3 and a half hours to do it, and by the way thats after sitting in a restaraunt for an hour since it was sotrming outside. After that she fed us dinner and i went to our english class with our zone leader while my comp and the other zone leader went to another families house for more snow shoveling, they ran by the way. (the whole time while shoveling too.) Wednesday was our best day of work this whole week, the weather was good and Elder Asato was pumped for work really hard, so we worked hard. best numbers the whole week, met a bunch of awesome people and saw many miracles. Lotso f service too. We also visited with Hayashi-san this week and she seems to have genuine interest so thats really good, i love this mission and sorry this email is really short but ill do better next week i promise you guys! only 50 minutes of email this week so yeah, sorry!
Love from the frozen heart,
Elder Call

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