Weekly Update – February 8, 2015

Welcome again to my weekly email from elder Call located in eniwa chitose still hahahahahahahaha….
So this week we did a lot of really boring stuff, really fun stuff, and some really in the middle stuff, starting off from last tuesday, we had our last DTM as a district which means we all bore our testimonies, like usual i testified in english which is really funny seeing as maybe only one of them understood me. then since we found out what happened transfer wise we just kept going to places back to back until, well basically transfer day. So at the transfer spot i had the awesome opportunity to meet back up with my old companions, my mtc classmates, and with my new companion, and i took pictures, so yeah theres that. Honestly this week not a lot of things happened that i would like to tell all of you since its boring but basically i ll just tell you exciting stuff. My new companion is Elder Fujisaka whos name is japanese but hes amercian, name carried from his great grandfather down to him, cool stuff. His japanese is good but apparently my japanese is way too good for a 5th transfer because yeah right now the best 2 japanese speaking missionaries live in my apartment, they know a lot of stuff i dont know but i have strengths as well. He used to be in the navy, he is engaged (yes) and he is really smart (or rather learns super fast) hes set up for the rest of his life so thats pretty freaking awesome. Since the last 2 transfers i spent in this place i have been doing a ton of member work we already have 3 or 4 meals planned for us, yes thats what i call a job well done. i am praying and looking for the reason why i am still here but i have decide my biggest goal this transfer is to see a baptism, i want to see one really badly. its about time (5th transfer) that i got one. So i made a plan, and im going pretty hard on it. thats one thing i really like to do, make plans. also this sunday at church the mission president with his son and daughter and wife all came to our ward, that was really stressing but hey i love seeing him, i just get nervous anyway. after that, not much to report on, also i dont have much pictures this week but thats just what happens during transfers, oh well.
Love you all, thanks for the letters and the prayers, they keep me pushing on
Elder Call
DSCN8714 DSCN8710
first pictures are a meal bought for us from a less active member right before transfers, she thought i was leaving and wanted to give me a big goodbye party, im still here though,
the other picture is my beloved companion
DSCN8718 DSCN8805
our last district pictures together, too bad, love this district a lot.
then another meal from members thinking i would be leaving but sadly i am not, that just means more potential love being recieved!
DSCN8810 DSCN8811
at the transfer spot, in the first picture is my family, my trainer elder kent his children, and his grandchildren. (one person is not in this picture though so yeah its huge) our family is going to take over the mission and thats that ok?

the other picture is the only chance ill get to take a picture with all 3 of my first 3 companions. from left to right elder Fujisaka, Kent, Asato, me.
DSCN8812 DSCN8814
So this was probably my favorite part of transfers, seeing all of my classmates!! everyone has changed so much , grown up, gotten good and japanese.Sister Yugawa just became the STL at transfer 5 so thats a thing. Everyone else is doing well, and my mtc comp is still in my zone so i get to meet with him, yes!
looks like thats it for todays journal entry and i hope to join you all again soon for next weeks special valentines edition! See you all next year!

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